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In this millennium; it is time to open up the new vistas of living and exploring your own empowerment as a woman

Reference Boudoir Photographs »

Boidoir reference photograph of a woman
Boudoir photograph - reference shot

Boudoir photograph of a woman sitting on bed
Boudoir style photograph of a woman on bed in hotel room

Beautiful woman posing for boudoir shoot
Boudoir shoot for beautiful woman

Boudior style photography in Navi Mumbai
Boudoir photography in Navi Mumbai

Boudior photograph of Mumbai woman
Woman posing for boudoir photo-shoot

Fashion sytle boudior shoot
Fashion style boudoir photograph

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) on Boudoir Shoots »

Why is boudoir photography getting so popular?

The women (and men) of this millennium have decided to live fully; before withering away!

Unlike the previous generation/s, this generation has the guts and gusto to explore and express themselves in the best possible manner.

Nothing can be better at self-expressing than a session of boudoir!

Where do you want the boudoir shoot?

In most of the cases, we have done photography at the place where our clients are most comfortable: their own home!

Nothing beats the comfort of a home. Your home need not be very spacious; we will be able to make memorable photographs.

Alternately, we shoot in hotel room; where we have luxury of interior décor and restaurant services.

Our core team of maximum three people will be traveling and undertaking the shoot at your home/place of your comfort.

Alternately, we have a full-fledged studio at Ghatkopar where the shoots are done. Also the shoot can be done at our studio with green room facility at Ghatkopar.

How to get your boudoir shoot done?

We undertake boudoir shoot with same level of seriousness and planning as any other photography / video assignment.

Here are some simple steps in which we organize the shoots.

  • Give us a call / WhatsApp on 98205 78189 and we will understand your requirements.
  • A pre-shoot planning meeting is done as per your convenience; either at your place or you are welcome to our 1000+ sq. feet studio situated at Ghatkopar West; Mumbai.
  • During the pre-shoot meeting, you can freely express your concerns and doubts; we will be more than glad to address them. We will be planning the shoot with a set of shot list; that will illustrate the shots to be taken. A typical shot list consists of: number of dress changes, locations: rooms where the shoot will be done, furniture on which can be used a props, additional props that can used using the shoot, accessories that will be worn by you, natural light coming in your various rooms etc.
  • We will be able to recce the place; review the lighting equipment required for the shoot.
  • Depending on our mutual understanding; we will finalise the day and time for the shoot.

How much time will the shoot take?

Well, typically we should allow 3- 4 hours for the shoot. If many attire changes needed then it may take another couple of hours for the same.

In addition, to the actual shoot time; we strongly advice our clients to get ‘relaxed’ and comfortable before the shoot.

Although, the shoot maybe at your own and in your bedroom/living room; you have to be comfortable in the dresses / attires that you choose for the shoot.

In addition, to being comfortable in the dress, you need to be relaxed and comfortable in front of the photographer and our team.

Do you arrange hair and makeup artist?

Yes, it is highly recommended to have a female makeup and hair stylist, because having a professional touch helps a lot in building up your confidence and presenting the best in you.

What should I wear?

Well, this is the most commonly asked question from our first-time clients!

Simple answer: wear anything, that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and sexy. It is most important, that you are completely relaxed and looking forward for this photo-session.

This is not an exam or a standard photo-shoot. It is a fun shoot!

There are just no rules, other than that ones that you make! The whole affair is about only one person; you.

How about couple boudoir shoot?

Nothing, compares to a private photo session with your beloved one.

Yes, we would love to pose and guide you on a boudoir photo-shoot with your partner; depending on the level of comfort and time involved.

This is decided during the pre-shoot meeting.

What about prints & albums?

In this age of almost everything digital, some of our discerning clients are happy to receive a private album and maybe some large print photographs for their private collection.

In any case, we deliver web resolution as well as large print quality digital images. Depending on the level of editing required; the delivery of images can take anywhere between 3-7 business days.

What about the professional fees for boudoir shoot?

Well! This all depends on the various factors that will be discussed in the pre-shoot meeting.

All said and done, the fees charges are very much competitive and remember you are undertaking a journey in self discovery and not ‘buying’ a product/service.

What about editing of images?

Yes, we provide high level digital re-touching/professional editing services, so be assured that only the best will be delivered.

Please be wary of the porcelain skin portrayed in fashion magazines; that just look so artificial and almost synthetic.

As normal human beings, we all have minor or noticeable skin flaws. Yes, we can correct them; only if you desire.

How do I pose for the boudoir shoot?

The aim of a boudoir shoot is to bring out the best in you!

Once, you are relaxed and comfortable in presence of our core photography team (hair & makeup artist, assistant and ofcourse the photographer:) you can leave the posing and placement of the props in our expert hands.

How to prepare for boudoir photo-shoot?

Time for getting a manicure / pedicure done along with a facial and removal of extra un-wanted hair.

Feel like a princess / queen and leave rest of the magic to be done by our makeup & hair artist.

Select the best of the clothes; which you will be comfortable, relaxed and happy to pose.

A general clean up of the room/s where the shoots are planned will be appreciated along with arrangement of the props to be used during the shoot.

Is boudoir photo-shoot worth it?

Well, well. How much are you worth? Remember: You are precious and priceless gift of divinity!

All the time, money and efforts that are invested in a boudoir shoot are aimed to create a memorable experience and collection of life long memoirs.

You are not going to remain the same forever (actually no one does)! So why not capture the same.

For further reading and knowledge on boidoir photography, check out the Wikipedia:

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Artistic Black & White Boudoir Photographs »

Beautiful young woman on bed for boudior photo-shoot
Boudoir photo-shoot of beautiful young woman

Black and white boudoir photographs
Black and white boudoir photograph

Boudior closeup photograph
Boudoir style close up photograph

Boudior style face of woman
Boudoir style face close up photograph

Privacy issues »

Primary concern of any person, specially ladies is the privacy during the shoot as well as photographs being taken.

You can be rest assured about the level of professionalism and commitment that we bring to these personal photo-sessions.

With 10+ years of experience and expertise in varied photography fields like corporate, industrial, fine art and video services like corporate videos, interviews and model shoots, we are completely committed towards privacy of your photographs.

Yes, these photographs clicked are for you and not for us or other clients and will be completely confidential

Without your explicit permission; we will not be showcasing the photographs to anyone else.

Hence on this page, you will discover only reference photographs and video clips; not from any of our valued clients.

Conclusion »

Yes, there are several other artists who are doing awesome work in this field and we are at par with the best and with highly customizable packages and timings; we promise to deliver the best.

You will be thrilled by the results; that will showcase you in the best of light.

You have an obligation towards yourself: Discover the best in you!