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With 10+ years of experience and expertise, we at Digital Studio have shot hundreds of corporate headshots for varied clients at their corporate houses or at our Vashi studio.

Corporate headshots are used for various online and office purposes.

We have successfully completed several projects for annual report photography with pristine white background settings.

In addition to the white backdrop photo-shoots; we offer green background (a.k.a chroma) shoot option along with textured backdrop and grey backgrop options.

A good profile head shot goes a long way in conveying a professional outlook and is generally used for online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

Latest Photo-Shoot »

Camera facing corporate headshot
Male corporate headshot withblue backdrop
Profile photograph of Himanshu Malhotra
Himanshu Malhotra head shot

Client: Himanshu Malhotra (Senior Consultant - Monitor Deloitte)

Location: In-Studio; Mumbai

Previous Photo-Shoots »

Corporate lady corporate headshot
Female corporate headshot with light grey backdrop
Linkedin Profile photograph
Professional photograph for Linkedin
Profile photo of Suman Kher
Smiling portrait of Suman Kher

Client: Suman Kher (Motivational Speaker)

Location: In-Studio; Mumbai

Smiling executive posing for camera
Corporate HeadShot of COO
Office Executive Corporate HeadShot in a onsite shoot
Japanese executive smiling
Lady Corporate HeadShot
In Studio shoot of corporate executive

Client: Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Ltd.

Agency: Dickenson Intellinetics Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Santacuz (East) Mumbai

Corporate Headshots Poses »

There are a few ways in which we suggest our client's to pose for the photographer.

The most common are the standard passport style photographs with the subject facing directly into the camera.

These are used for the official government purpose of visa and passport applications.

Another pose, that we suggest and encourage our clients is 45 degrees facing the photographer. This style is very popular in Multinational companies and organisations which have a global presence.

Another advantage of this style of photography is that the subject does not look 'square' and displays slimmer profile. Very well adequate for the majority of 'healthy ' executives ;)

Corporate Headshots Tips »

Here are some practical and constructive tips; we share with our corporate clients:

  • Schedule the shoot. Plan and inform all the employees, who are going to be part of the shoot. This involves the majority of the full-time employees; only part-time and temporary staff are exempted.
  • Attire. The dress code has to be either completely formal or semi-formal. Irrespective of the shooting style; we avoid have a mix of the both.
  • Make-up. On special assignments, we arrange for the makeup artist to provide a professional touch to the corporate executives. Yes, this is applicable to both ladies and gentlemen.
  • Location. Typically, every office has a cosy place where we can setup our photography equipment and do the shooting.
  • Editing. All are photographs are edited to deliver high-level quality photographs. The editing may be limited to the background replacing to high-end retouching.

An Easy To Understand Video: How to Shoot Corporate Headshots »

Creative Headshot Ideas »

We love to produce creative photographs! Given a chance, we should produce images that are not only creative but also have a high energy level.

Either we shoot in such environments or we create the same in the editing phase.

Corporate Headshots Shoot »

Smiling executive posing for camera
Smiling executives on this desk
Managing Director sitting in formal business suit
Managing Director posting for camera
Arms folded post of an executive
Managing Director sitting relaxed

Client: LIC Housing Finance Ltd.

Agency: Dickenson Intellinetics Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Nariman Point Mumbai

Corporate Background »

Corporate HeadShot of a lady in sari
Corporate HeadShot of lady executive
Office Executive Corporate HeadShot
Lady in a Corporate HeadShot
Corporate HeadShot in white shirt
Executuve in a corporate photo shoot
Business executive photograph
Creative corporate headshots
Creative corporate headshot of an executive
Creative corporate headshot pose
Executive in creative corporate headshot
creative business corporate headshot

LinkedIn Profile HeadShots & Applications »

Corporate headshots are used for the annual reports, brochures and online platforms like the profile pages of company directors and very popularly as a Linked-In profile.

Most of the Linkedin profiles are with white background; that results in a professional and high impact photograph.

We use professional three lighting system to take quality headshots. One key light, second fill light and third back /hair light/background light.

3 point lighting system

We offer two types of services: either set up the photography equipment at the client's place or take photographs at our studio.

All photographs are edited so that the resulting images are sharp and ready to use.

In addition to the high-resolution digital photographs, we deliver ready to upload web-resolution photographs.

Lady in While background Corporate Headshot
Executive in form Corporate Headshot
Office person in Corporate Headshot - White Background
Executive in formal shirt
Corporate Executive in suit and white background
Formal wearing executive on white background
CEO Corporate Headshot
Executive in suit and tie for Corporate Headshot shoot
Office Executive in semi-formal wear
Executive in formal full suit
Lady executive wearing sari
Lady in sari for corporate shoot

Creative Background »

Executive on creative background
Lady executive in sari on creative background
Lady wearing blue sari in Corporate Headshot
Lady exective in blue dress for Corporate Headshot photography
Office executive in white shirt
Office staff with strip formal shirt
Corporate Executive in plain shirt
Executive in format tie and suit
Office executive in plain formal shirt
Formals wearing executive
Smiling Executive in formal suit and tie
Executive in full suit without tie

Grey Backdrop »

Arms Folded executive
Executive in business blazer
Posing for the head shot on grey backdrop
Arms Folded lady exectuive on grey backdrop
Lady Executive in business blazer
Young lady executive posing and smiling
Smiling Executive in full suit
Smiling lady executive in maroon sari
Executive lady in blude sari
Corporate headshot of lady in blue dress
Corporate Headshot of office staff
Executive in formal shirt
Executive in sky bue formal wear
Corporate executive in white shirt
Office person in formal wear
Office person in format business suit and neck tie
Smiling corporate exectuive on grey back ground
Man wearing formal office suit without tie

Behind The Scene »

Here are couple of behind the scene photographs taken for various on-site projects.

Behind the camera shot of lady business person
Lady executive in formals posing for photo-shoot
Smiling corporate exectuive in front of camera
Business executive posing for a corporate head shot photo-shoot

Conclusion »

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