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Looking of professional photography and video coverage of your stage performance?

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With 10+ years of experience and expertise in various genres of photography and videos; corporate videos, industrial videos, corporate headshots, industrial photography etc. we completely understand your requirements and deliver the best in class.

Our photographers are skilled, experienced and equipped with the best class photography and video gear to cover on-stage Bharatanatyam arangetram performances.

For further reading on Bharatanatyam: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bharatanatyam

Latest Onstage Arangetram Photo-Shoot »

Bharatanatyam dancer on stage in pose
Standing Bharatanatyam dancer
Standing Bharatanatyam dancer on stage
Onstage Bharatanatyam dancer
Elegant pose of Bharatanatyam dancer onstage
Smiling Bharatanatyam dancer
Arangetram dancer posing for camera
Bharatanatyam dancer with Natraj in background
Standing pose of Bharatanatyam dancer for arangetram
Bharatanatyam dancer in stance on stage
Live streaming of Bharatanatyam dancer
Bharatanatyam dancer bowing to her gurus

Complete OnStage Arangetram Services »

A typical arangetram takes anywhere between 120 to 180 minutes of performance with breaks for the dancer as well as felicitation of the various contributing artists, gurus, musicians, singer/s.

A well organized and professionally managed arangetram is vital for the success of the program and adds to the overall feeling of accomplishment by the dancer as well as her guru/s and parents.

We also offer live streaming of Bharatanatyam arangetram on popular social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

After the performance, we share the complete set of photographs along with raw video footage and edited video (as per arrangement).

Typically, three video cameras and two photographers are deployed for the shoot.

The typical event arrangement is as follows:

  • Photographer #1: to cover wide angle and middle level photographs.
  • Photographer #2: to take closeup and expression shots with zoom lens.
  • Video camera #1: wide angle shots of the entire stage.
  • Video camera #2: zoomed in coverage; focusing on the dancer only.
  • Video camera #3: this camera man captures the performance from various angles, shoots the audience response. He is typically moving around the hall and capturing the performance nearest to the stage.

Conclusion »

Get in touch with us for best of Bharatanatyam arangetram on-stage performance coverage.

We also offer, pre-arangetram photography at our Ghatkopar studio.