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About Nelco Ltd. :

Nelco is part of Tata enterprises; a global conglomerate with a wide range of services and products.

Nelco was established in 1940; is a leading innovative and customised solutions provider for enterprise and government institutions under one roof.

Its range of services includes TataNet VSAT, integrated security and surveillance, managed services, meteorological solutions and Satcom projects.

Motivational Video Brief:

The NELCO CEO had two aims for the motivational video: Unveiling of their new 3D logo and primarily motivate the staff of TataNet which was being merged with Nelco Ltd.

We created customised background music; wrote lyrics for the video and used all Hollywood clips for the entire video.

The concept was to have a video that was short and addressed three points: despair, hard work and success. The entire video was very well appreciated by the management and the staff during the logo unveiling function.

Pashminu Mansukhani