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We undertake professional photography assignments for various companies for their photography of automobiles like cars, trucks, motor bikes etc. for brochures, presentations, catalogues and websites.

With 10+ years of professional experience, we cover the photography from not just presentation point of view but consider the aesthetic and 'feel' factors of each vehicle.

Presented on this webpage are only a small number of photographs that display our flair for car photography done in the recent past.

In addition, to the modern cars, we have also a deep passion for vintage classics and hand crafted beauties like the Bentleys and Rolls Royce.

Applications »

  • Automotive Marketing and Advertising: Professional car photography plays a crucial role in automotive marketing campaigns, creating captivating visuals for print and digital advertisements that entice potential buyers.
  • Car Dealerships and Showrooms: High-quality car photography is essential for showcasing inventory on dealership websites and showroom displays, attracting customers with stunning images that highlight each vehicle's features.
  • Car Magazines and Editorials: Car enthusiasts rely on visually appealing automotive publications. Professional car photography brings magazine articles to life, capturing the essence of each vehicle in editorials and reviews.
  • Car Manufacturer Brochures and Catalogs: Car manufacturers rely on top-notch photography to present their latest models in brochures and catalogs, ensuring that potential buyers get a comprehensive view of the vehicle's design and features.
  • Automotive Social Media and Online Platforms: In the digital age, social media is a powerful tool for automotive brands to connect with their audience. Professional car photography elevates the brand's online presence, driving engagement and fostering brand loyalty.

Automobile photography can be broken down into two main areas: exterior photo-shoot and interiors of the vehicle.

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Electric Car Shoot - Behind The Scene »

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In-Studio Photography »

45 Degree perspective view of an electric car
Front view of a three wheel electric car
Side view of an electric car
Side 2 view of a white electric car
Top angle of an electric car
White electric car - Made in India

Client: Storm Motors

Location: Vasai; Maharashtra

Outdoors Photography »

Outdoor photo-shoot of a sedan
Side view of a sedan in open ground
Front view of a blue sedan
Rear view of a blue sedan in open ground
Side view of dashboard
Dashboard of sedan car
Wide angle of front seats

Client: Divergent Research & Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Nerul; Navi Mumbai

Car Exteriors (Reference Photographs) »

Honda Amaze brown colour
Honda Amaze Red
Hyundai Creta blue colour
Creta Hyundai White
Hyundai Venue red colour
Hyundai Venue star dust colour
Maruti Brezza Red
Yellow Maruti Brezza
Maruti Desire blue colour
Maruti desire grey colour
Maruti Ertiga grey
Red Maruti Ertiga
Tata Nexon Blue colour
Red Tata Nexon
Innova Crysta Red
innova Crysta White

Car Interiors (Reference Photographs) »

Honda Amaze full dashboard
Honda WRV Interiors
Mercedes Benz CLA Dashboard
Mercedes Benz CLA interiors
Mercedes Benz CLA Beige seats
Mercedes Benz CLA Dark Blue Seats
Renault Duster Dashboard
Innova Crysta Dashboard
Volkswagen Ameo Dashboard
Volkswagen Ameo Interior shot
Polo Dashboard
Volkswagen Polo Interior shot

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  • Overdrive
  • Autocar
  • AutoIndia
  • Team-BHP
  • Indiacar & Indiabike
  • Zigwheels
  • Vicky
  • Motorbeam
  • Carewale

In addition to cars photo-shoots, we also have experience and expertise in photography of car parts and industrial products.

Pashminu Mansukhani