Glamour v/s Fashion Photography »

The Subtle Differences

The Subtle Differences »

Most photographers and models mix these two genres of photography for their portfolio; knowingly or unknowingly.

As a photographer with 10+ years of experience; I have distilled some points in this page along with a few examples; that will help models as well as photographers to decide the style of photography that best suits their portfolio.

Although, the difference between these two genres of photography is subtle; the viewers appreciate both the versions, provided they are varied and give the complete outlook of the model.

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Here is a brief set of seven differences:

Glamour style photographs »

  • These are typically head-shoulder shots with emphasis on the model’s facial features.
  • Black/White and art style photographs are appreciated and special attention to details on the model’s face; draws the viewer’s eyes.
  • Glamour stylised shoots are tight shots and most of the other elements are either not part of the shoot or showcased in subtle manner.
  • Glamour style shoots can be a small team assignment with just the photographer, model and makeup artist.
  • Glamour photo-shoots can comfortably be achieved in-doors at a residence or small studio setup.
  • With minimalistic setup a glamour shoot can result in awesome portfolio. The photographer and his rapport with the model plays a critical role in such a shoot.
  • Glamourized shoots can low / medium budget projects and yet add enormous value to the overall portfolio of the photographer as well as model’s.

Fashion style photographs »

  • The fashion portfolio is dominated by wait up and full-length shoots.
  • Generally bright coloured backgrounds, dresses and elaborate makeup comprises of these types of shoots.
  • Fashion shoots are always more expensive; due to the efforts of various people like dress designer, set designer, stylist, hair dresser, make-up artist and of course the photographer.
  • A successful fashion shoot is always result of team work; to achieve the desired results, as per the art director’s vision or brand positioning.
  • Elaborate setup and styling is the hall mark of fashion photo-shoots.
  • Fashion photo-shoots are generally indoors (with setup of background etc.) and outdoors at locations that add to the overall presentation of the shoot portfolio. Popular locations being beaches, parks, resorts and hill stations etc.
  • The financial requirements of a typical fashion style shoots exceed that of the glamour shoots; as various elements like logistics, travel etc. have to be budgeted for shoot.

Glamour & Fashion Showreel »

Examples of Fashion Photographs »

model with gorgeous look
Savvy looking model in portfolio
Smart looking model's portfolio
Model with sporty look portfolio
Model with sari for portfolio
Western look model with a wine glass

Photographer: Pashminu Mansukhani

Model: Tia Joshi

Hair & Makeup: Anu Jaiswal

Image Editor: Nitin Chaurasia

Studio: Camzia; Ghatkopar - Mumbai

Examples of Glamour Photographs »

Glamour portrait of a lady model
Glamour looking model in portfolio
Smart looking model's glamour portfolio
Profile photograph of a model in a studio
Camera facing glamours photograph
Glamour portrait of a female model
Glamourours looking model in portfolio
Smart looking young glamourous model

To a large extent it depends on the mutual agreement between the photographer, agency and model; towards achieving the ‘look’ for the portfolio or specific to the project / assignment requirements.

Pashminu Mansukhani