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As one of the leading pan-India factories photographers in Mumbai, we undertake factory photo shoot all over India. With over 12 years of factory photo shoots all over India, we have covered factories in Mumbai, Thane, Rajkot, Valsad and many other places. We have expertise and experience in photographing steel factories, manufacturing factories, casting factories etc.

As Mumbai based factory photographer, we travel all over India to capture high quality professional factory pictures that are used by our discerning clients for online and office marketing promotions. Each and every factory picture is not just shot professionally but also extensive post processing is done as per the requirement, so that the result can be directly used by the marketing team.

Confused about selecting the most appropriate and professional company to execute your project plus deliver world-class results on time?

Check out the free guide on selecting a photography company for industrial, corporate, model portfolio photography projects.

As a professional organisation, we follow guidelines in all the projects undertaken. Please review the typical photography and video client contract, for reference purpose.

Click here to download industrial photography look book, that gives a glimpse of our work.

There have been many instances, where the machinery needs to thoroughly cleaned and in some cases a fresh coat of paint is requested, so that the best results are achieved. Although, many minor issues can be corrected in post processing of the images, it is always a better practice to get the things well organized before the photo shoot of the factory takes place.

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Photo-shoot of factories and other manufacturing units require careful pre-planning. Pre-planning is done from both the parties involved. The manufacturer or owner of the factory needs to ensure that all the machines and other equipments that will feature in the shoot are cleaned and serviced properly. Also, due importance must be given to the uniforms and safety gear worn by the technicians. Clean, ironed and proper fitting attire is of utmost importance.

As professional photographers, we understand the industrial requirements and limitations. We ensure that the best is done during the photo-shoot session as well as in the post processing of the photographs taken with high end equipment.

The various types of factories that we have covered are:

  • Assembly units
  • Manufacturing units
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Processing factories
  • Engineering units

In some special cases, we need to employ flood lights and other lighting equipment for the shoots. In many of the manufacturing units, the available light may not be adequate to deliver bright and sharp photographs. Although, we use professional grade camera and photographic equipment, we employ services of dedicated lighting professionals, from time to time.

In case of the assignments, that require us to shoot technicians and other people working on the machines and equipments, we use dedicated on-camera flash to create the correct amount of the lighting ambience.

With short focal length on prime lens, the resulting images are razor sharp and very clearly convey the message of professionalism in the final results.

Tower Cranes Photography »

Photo-Shoots of factories also involves shoots of the equipment along with personnel wearing safety gear, Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE) and also group photographs of factory workers. In many cases, the safety guidelines that are followed as per the industry norms are highlighted.

Most of the factory photos are captured with ultra wide angle lens along with host of other lenses and equipment. In some cases, we employ flood lights to shoot a particular factory photo that may require special highlighting like foundry and other factories that have inadequate lighting.

Heavy Engineering Factory »

Stone Crushing Plant »

Industrial Compressors »

Compressors for industrial units
air compressors for air conditioning units
Machine by Bitzer
Industrial machines by Bitzer
Compressors for industrial units
air compressors for air conditioning units
Machine by Bitzer
Industrial machines by Bitzer

Automatic Roti Maker »

Photography of  food Factory
Photographs of roti making  Factory
Photography of  chapati Factory
Photography of  food processing  Plant
Photography of  chapati factory Snaps
Photography of roti  Manufacturing Factory
Photography of  chapati Making Factory
Photography of  roti Processing Factory

Pharma Plant Photo-Shoot »

Photograph of  reactors in a pharma plant in Bidar
Landscaping of Pharma Plant
Outside of a pharma plant
Exterior of a pharma plant
Lineup reactors in a pharma plant in Bidar
Industrial Pumps at Pharma Plant
Worker in a Control room of a pharma plant
Interior of a pharma plant

Menthol Processing Factory »

Menthol Factory Factory
Mint Factory Factory
Photograph of  Menthol Factory in UP
Photograph of  Menthol Plant
Photograph of  Menthol Factory Snaps
Photograph of  Mint Manufacturing Factory
Photograph of  Menthol Making Factory
Photograph of  Menthol Processing Factory

Die-Casting Foundry & Factory »

Workers in a foundry
Photograph of  Worker with molten iron
Worker with hot investment cast
Quality Control of a factory
Worker in a factory testing equipment
Worker on a CNC machine
Workers with molten metal equipment
Heap of invetment castings

Pharmaceutical Plant »

Technician working in a quality control of a pharma plant
Wide angle photograph of lab with workers
Lab technicians working in a pharma lab
Lab technicians in a pharma company
Technician working in a quality control of a pharma company
Close-up angle photograph of lab with worker
Lab technician working on a Computer in a pharma lab
Lab technicians in a pharma company in Pune

Under Construction Industrial Unit »

Industrial Photographer of Construction  Photo-Shoot
Construction  Photo-Shoot
Real Estate  Photo-Shoot
Industrial Photographer of location Photo-Shoot
Building Constrction Photo-Shoot
Industrial Photographer of Buildings Photo-Shoo

Conclusion »

The final set of factory images are delivered in DVD/pendrive/shared Online that contains print quality [300 DPI] and web version [72 DPI] files. In some cases, the web version files are sent via. FTP for approval, before sending the DVD/CD disk by courier.

Photography of factories involves pre-planning and preparation from both sides. The photographer need to understand the exact requirements of the client, analyzing the available light conditions in different sections / departments / units of the factory, the condition of the machines, general cleanliness, staff uniforms and Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE).

In many cases, the shoot is done post the requisite preparations and modifications in the factory as well as informing the staff about the factory photo shoot.

With vast experience, we ensure the best images of factories; all over India.

Pashminu Mansukhani