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About Logo InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. :

Logo Infosoft, was established in 2016 (India division), designs software that is targeted towards Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) to improve their core operations.

The parent company Logo, is Turkey’s largest independent software company and first IT company to become public in 2000. It was launched in 1984 to develop engineering software for personal computers, today Logo has become a high-tech group of companies, all focused on IT.

This video of Logo Jugnu that is focused on providing an easy to use GST platform for kirana shopkeepers

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We would like to take your 10 minutes to show the functionality of Logo Kirana and Jugnu, a mobile and web solution, together specifically tailor fit for the micro SMB’s of India. We believe by offering this solution, we can help track their commerce and also help file their taxes and returns in an easy manner, being in compliance with GST requirements and with minimum help from other parties. We thus believe we can contribute our share to Digitizing India!

So Let’s go ahead with a glance on how Logo Kirana and Jugnu can help out a Kirana Store with their commerce.

We take this opportunity to present to you the Logo ERP solution which is GST complaint. This Solution is very simple and enables a kirana store owner sitting in a remote location in rural India to use the software and manage his business transactions as required by GSTN Opening screen of the software enables store owner securely login using his credentials and Start transacting using Logo ERP system.

This ERP Solution enables the store owner to define business structure – branches warehouse etc. in a required manner.

The Solution offers 100% security by means of secured logins , user access rights and required security protocol . The Admin manager of the software has the complete admin rights to define system users.

After Login the user will be taken to homepage were he will find the required menu-buttons and links to perform his required business functions. This Page is fully customizable based upon the user preferences.

Software allows the user to create suppliers / Vendors as required by his business. The Navigation has been kept very simple and almost all of the functions can be performed by a right click and selecting the required sub menus that show up.

The Process of defining suppliers is quite robust and captures all the fields as required by the GSTN, example, GST number,PAN number etc.

The user can right click on the supplier menu and add the bank details.

Similar to supplier master the software allows the user to create and maintain customer master list.

For regular and repeat customers, the user can create and maintain data on his customers, like GSTN no, Contact details and other information as required. For one-time customers the software allows cash and carry options without having to invest time in punching in the details for the customer.

The Software allows the store owner to create a master list of all items that he sells. Details like product description, HSN code, product code etc. which are required as per GST law can be captured - – Agency to replace the CTPC code and replace with HSN code.

In the Logo ERP Software, we have mapped all states along with the applicable tax structures to enable an automated transaction. Users need not manually enter tax details, but the system accept relevant tax figures based upon the source and the destination.

The Logo Software has a very comprehensive set of functionalities which enables users define any complex business requirements. On the purchase to pay cycle the software allows multiple purchase scenarios to be configured- eg direct purchase invoice from purchase order without creating purchase receipt. Standard process of one purchase order against one purchase receipt and one purchase invoice, Multiple purchase receipts and purchase invoice against single purchase order and multiple purchase receipt against single purchase order and single purchase invoice.

The Process of purchase order creation is kept very simple and most of the required data fields like PO no, quantity, shipment details can be seamlessly captured using the right click functionality.

The system automatically calculates the applicable tax based upon the items HSN code, the source of supply and the destination and the consequent applicable tax rates.

User can search AP/AR (Supplier /Customer) by Code / Title (Description) /Search text – Add more search options.

Logo ERP application helps automate the process of creation of purchase receipts. With a single-click, users can confirm transfer of receipts and the result is seen in the inventory in real-time

User can create a purchase invoice by just the right click on purchase receipt once it is approved.

From COA you can drill down to single accounts transaction and further drill down to source transaction which is a sales invoice here.

Similar to purchase invoice, system allows the users to create service invoice to key in expenses to maintain services costs for services like transportation, loading, unloading etc.

Logo ERP offers the Cost Distribution Functionality. Through this function, users can distribute the cost of a service by applying it to the respective Purchase invoice. Thus the landed cost of the item is calculated automatically.

System allows user to initiate the return of the goods simply by right clicking the purchase invoice, changing the quantity and then selecting the return option.

The system enables the user to automate the overall sales order dispatch and invoice. It enables the users to pick up sales order and trigger a dispatch of goods as appropriate and finally enables generation of online sales invoice.

Sales Invoice print out can be taken in different format such as PDF, HTML File and also can be sent via e-Mail. E-Mail can be scheduled for regular interval such as daily, weekly and monthly using e-Mail timings features.

System allows the user to create sales return along with debit/credit notes. The user can also cancel the sales invoice if not in approved status – Need to have separate pointers for return and cancel.

From COA user can drill down to single account transaction and further drill down to source transaction which is a sales invoice in this case.

The Logo ERP software is designed on an open architecture platform which enables it seamlessly to integrate to other ERP, middleware and database. Data migration to and from logo to another ERP is seamless.

On same lines as above logo ERP effectively enables transition of an ERP system by a user. A user on another ERP platform can easily migrate to logo ERP and wise versa. All Data migration activities in such scenarios happens very easily using LBS data Exchange Wizard.

As per government regulation the user can lock the approved transaction and no further modification can be done from a particular date.

This ERP comes loaded with a bunch of inbuilt reports across all business functions. On the financial side the system enables generation of a trial balance at the click of a button – need to have separate pointers for trail balance and GSRT1, 2 and so on.

Logo has invested good amount of time in studying the Indian market, understanding the Indian business rules and financial regulation and hence come up with the product that is sufficiently localized to this market. Logo ERP does come with 100% compliance on the GSTN. ALL inward and outward processes including purchase order, sales invoices, material dispatches and all financial transaction are performed under strict compliance to the GSTN. The System allows generation of the statutory tax filing reports as prescribed by GSTN. The system also helps generation of the recommended GSTR1, GSTR2 series of reports.

By giving a simplified ERP to a store owner we enable them to keep track of their financial transactions and file for their returns without a need to be an accountant. If they seek tax advisory, they can provide their data to any CA and get assistance in filing also.

They can work from anywhere any time. They can use simpler version on their smartphone in online and offline mode while having much more power working from their PC at home or shop.

We hope that Logo Kirana and Jugnu together can lighten up help this segment of economy in their financial affairs in the GST transition.

Thank you.

Pashminu Mansukhani