Home decor Photographs with carpets & model

Client: Kashmir Oriental Carpet Enterprises

Shoot Date: 26th April; 2017


The Concept »

The entire concept was to shoot photographs of various carpets an rugs in a well furnished apartment; that would lead to the elegance of the bespoke home as well as emphasis on the carpets was highlighted.

The fully furnished apartment was leased out for the day and we arranged from the models, logistics and the photography equipment etc.

A total of 15 carpets were photographed in the 4 BHK apartment.

Most of the carpets photographed were 6 feet by 4 feet and smaller as practical aspects of transportation logistics were also to be handled.

The coffee table rugs and carpets were placed in the appropriate location so that we could draw the maximum attention to the product.

We have photographed 500+ products for Kashmir Oriental Carpet Enterprises in the past 15+ years.

Check out the e-commerce style photo-shoot and creative photography of carpets with various props and models.

Home Decor Style Carpets & Rugs »

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