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Location: Hooghly (West Bengal)

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In addition, to ground level industrial photography, night industrial photo-shoots and industrial products photography, we also provided HD aerial video of the entire factory premises and the upcoming expansion plots of the company.

Aerial video shoot was done with DJI Phantom Pro; which enabled us to take HD and 4K videos. The editing was on MacBook Pro using Final Cut Pro (FCP) 10 editing software.

The aerial videos of the entire plant, along with the new expansion plots of the company were covered by our team during the eight hours session.

The drone was flown to the maximum height of about 1000 feet so that we could capture bird's eye view shots: photographs as well as HD video clips.

All the video clips were edited to create an interesting and short video; that would be interesting to the audience.

The aerial video was used by the marketing team for online as well as used in the presentations on their laptops.

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The Conclusion »

We delivered the video in three versions: Full HD version for showcasing in tradeshows etc. on a projector screen, Youtube version for online marketing and finally a WhatsApp version for marketing on mobile.

Pashminu Mansukhani