Rain Poncho Photographs

Rain Ponchos Photo-Shoot »

The marketing team required high level photography and editing of their rain ponchos.

A male model was hired for this purpose and the shoot was done at our studio located at Ghatkopar.

There were two varieties of rain ponchos: blue and yellow.

The biggest advantage of these ponchos over the traditional rain coats is the ease of wearing and removing.

With no zipper / buttons, it provides a complete protection from rain and external elements. Light and comfortable, this monsoon wear is ideal for everyone traveling or walking down the street.

The shoot was completed in hours time, with photography from multiple angles and poses of the model.

We ensured that all the important details of the product are covered in the shoot: the front view, side view and a back view along with a closeup of the head from backside to elaborate the high level of stitching and water proofing of the product.

The final edited photographs were displayed on the Amazon site for retail and bulk purchase; high resolution photographs were used in the printed brochures / pamphlets and other offline marketing co-laterals.

Photo-Shoot of rain ponchos at Studio with model and high level editing for Shalimar Group of Companies.

Photographs of rain ponchos with model and high level editing. Call 98205 78189 for more details.

Blue Rain Poncho »

Blur rain poncho front view
Blue rain ponch front view

Blue rain poncho side view
Blue rain poncho back closeup

Yellow Rain Poncho »

Yellow rain poncho - front view
Yellow rain poncho back view

Side view of yellow rain poncho
Close-up of yellow rain poncho

High Level Editing »

Rain Poncho with high editing and Model disappearing

The Conclusion »

The client loved the creative and innovative manner of shooting the rain poncho with a male model and then editing him out!

Pashminu Mansukhani