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Photography any stainless objects like kitchen sinks is challenging!

The primary concerns are two: reflections and shadows.

Similar to glass and jewellery; stainless steel objects like kitchen sinks reflect all the ambience: the surrounding objects, lights, camera gear and even the photographer.

We have done several photo-shoots of highly reflective objects like machines, industrial products and kitchen sinks!

There are three ways in which products like kitchen sinks can be photographed:

  1. With props like fruits & vegetables.
  2. Without any props; just the product with white background.
  3. With female model; posing with a prop

Yes, another creative manner to shoot would be in a real kitchen environment!

Since most of the manufacturers have the requirement for the standalone product shoot; we shoot with our professional equipment with lights etc. either at their manufacturing premises or at our studio.

Showreel »

The Kitchen Sinks »

Edited Photograph of an stainless-steel kitchen sink
Stainless steel kitchen sink photograph with vegetables
Angular photo of kitchen sink with props of vegetables
top angle photo of a stainless steel kitchen sink
Stainless steel finishing photo of kitchen sink with bell peppers
Stainless steel kitchen sink with professional level image editing and photography

Conclusion »

The 3D render like photography and editing takes time & efforts in the similar league of jewellery photography.

The resulting photographs are picture perfect with applications in off-line marketing media like brochures, catalogues, pamphlets, display boards, standees etc.

The web resolution photographs are used for websites and social media platforms.

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