Industrial Video With Animation

Client: Lifeline Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Bhiwandi; Maharashtra

Shoot Dates: 23rd & 24th May; 2018

Project Execution: 6 Weeks

The Synopsis »

About Lifeline Pharma »

Lifeline pharma is a leading manufacturer of bio-medical waste treatment systems in India.

Based in Mumbai, Lifeline Pharma has vast experience in manufacturing international standard machines that are used in various industries like hospitals, clinics, day care centre, haemo-dialysis units, blood transfusion centres, public health laboratories, pharmaceutical research labs, animal care and veterinary clinics, pathological & research laboratories.

Process Stages »

  1. The automatic loading of the waste is performed through the top opening of the machine.
  2. Shredding starts as soon as the cover is closed, sealed, and locked. The heavy-duty shredder features a regular automatic reverse rotation to prevent jamming, effectively shreds all kinds of waste.
  3. The heating is achieved through saturated steam that raises the temperature to 138°C (280 F) and the pressure to 3.5 bar (51 psi).
  4. The sterilization is achieved by maintaining 138 °C (280 F) and 3.5 bar (51 psi) at the core of the waste for 10 minutes. The combination of these different factors achieves a microbial inactivation of 108 reduction.
  5. Decompression through the flash tank reduces temperature and pressure in preparation of the opening of the machine.
  6. The condensates and the cooling water are discharged into the sanitary drain, and the recovered heat is used to preheat the boiler.
  7. The unloading ofthe final sterilized waste is carried out by gravity discharge into a garbage bin placed directly under the machine.

Industrial Video With Animation »

Behind The Scene »

Behind the scene shoot
Photography and video

Industrial photo-shoot with canon 6d
Video shoot with camera monitor

The Conclusion »

Along with the industrial video shoot, we also undertook the industrial photography of the entire process; that typically lasts for about 3-4 hours.

We delivered two versions: with options for collection of the final output from the machine. The full HD videos were much appreciated by all the stake holders.