Photography of Stainless-Steel Products »

Perfect photography & editing

Industrial Stainless-Steel Photography »

Photographing stainless-steel products like pharma machines, kitchen sinks, POS counters and industrial products are always a challenge.

Due to the very nature of the stainless-steel material; the reflections from the surroundings cause massive distortions on the product surfaces.

We have vast experience of shooting industrial as well as non-industrial products like cutlery; both of which offer challenging opportunities to shoot.

Managing the lighting and surrounding objects are the two biggest tasks that need careful management and placement.

Check out some high-level photography + editing of stainless steel kitchen sinks at our studio.

The camera angle and the shooting angle decide the final look of the photographs.

Points to keep in mind for photographing of stainless steel objects:

  • Size of the product / machine
  • Location where the shoot is being done. Is it indoors / outdoors / factory / workshop?
  • Product shape
  • Important aspects to be highlighted in the shoot
  • Lights used
  • Camera & lens

Here are some examples of the stainless-steel shoots done for various clients.

Pharma Machines »

Edited Photograph of a pharma stainless-steel machine
Stainless steel pharma machine edited photograph
Stainless steel finish pharma machine - final image
industrial machine with stainless steel finish
Machine with stainless steel editing
Photo of pharma machinery with perfect stainless steel look

Client: Uma Chem Pharma Machineries

Location: Bhiwandi

Industrial Products »

Edited Photograph of an industrial stainless-steel component
Stainless steel valve photograph
Stainless steel machine part
industrial part with perfect stainless steel finish
Machine part with high level editing for stainless steel finishing
Stainless steel valve with professional level image editing and photography
Valve with high level editing for stainless steel finishing
Stainless steel filter with professional level image editing and photography

Client: Rayyan

Location: In-Studio

Kitchen Sinks »

Edited Photograph of an stainless-steel kitchen sink
Stainless steel kitchen sink photograph with vegetables
Angular photo of kitchen sink with props of vegetables
top angle photo of a stainless steel kitchen sink
Stainless steel finishing photo of kitchen sink with bell peppers
Stainless steel kitchen sink with professional level image editing and photography

Client: Riddhi Siddhi Steel Industries

Location: In-Studio

Counters & Kitchen Sinks »

Stainless steel counter
Point of sale counter

Stainless steel hand wash kitchen sink
Stainless steel kitchen sink table counter

Client: Balaji Metal Crafts

Location: Chandivali; Mumbai

Stainless steel gas controller machine
Stainless steel gas controlling system for fruit ripening

Client: Chemtron Science Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Location: In-Studio

Conclusion »

Photographing stainless-steel objects in an art that combines the skill of the photographer as well as the editor.

With years of experience, we have mastered the art and deliver high resolution photographs that are used by agencies and clients for online and offline marketing.

The high-resolution images delivered by us can be used for printing brochures, posters, pamphlets and even displayed on the hoarding boards (bill boards).