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8K 360° Videography: Captivating Experiences for Your Audience »

Welcome to the future of videography - the realm of 8K resolution. We offer the revolutionary world of 360° 8K videography with the Insta360 Pro 2. With its cutting-edge technology and unrivaled capabilities, the Insta360 Pro 2 has transformed the way we capture, create, and experience visual content. Join us as we explore the breathtaking cinematic brilliance of 8K videography, the remarkable features of the Insta360 Pro, and the endless possibilities it offers to content creators, filmmakers, and videographers.

The Rise of 8K 360° Videography »

As technology advances, so does the demand for higher resolution content. 8K videography has emerged as the new standard for ultra-high-definition visuals, boasting a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels. With four times the pixel density of 4K and an astonishing level of detail, 8K has opened doors to a new era of cinematic quality and immersive storytelling.

Introducing the Insta360 Pro 2 »

At the forefront of this visual revolution stands the Insta360 Pro, a professional-grade 360-degree camera that pioneers 8K videography. This innovative camera offers six lenses, each capturing 8K content, which is then stitched together with advanced algorithms to produce seamless, immersive footage.

Unmatched Image Quality »

The Insta360 Pro delivers unparalleled image quality with its 8K resolution, offering stunning clarity and lifelike realism. This level of detail brings visuals to life, making viewers feel as if they are part of the scene itself. Whether it's capturing breathtaking landscapes or telling captivating stories, the Insta360 Pro's 8K videography takes content creation to new heights.

Immersive 360-Degree Experience »

The Insta360 Pro's ability to shoot in 360 degrees elevates the viewing experience, allowing audiences to explore the surroundings and immerse themselves fully in the content. From virtual reality experiences to interactive storytelling, 8K 360-degree videography redefines how we engage with visual media.

Professional-Grade Filmmaking »

The Insta360 Pro caters to professional filmmakers and content creators with its comprehensive suite of features. It supports RAW and ProRes recording, offering filmmakers greater flexibility in post-production and color grading. With manual exposure controls, ISO adjustments, and white balance settings, videographers have precise control over the look and feel of their footage.

Seamless Stitching and Post-Production »

Insta360 Pro's advanced algorithms ensure seamless stitching of 8K content, creating smooth and distortion-free panoramic videos. In post-production, creators can edit footage with ease, transforming raw clips into cinematic masterpieces through professional video editing software.

The Future of 8K Videography »

As 8K technology continues to evolve, the Insta360 Pro stands as a pioneer in the field of immersive visual storytelling. Content creators can expect even greater advancements in resolution, dynamic range, and post-processing capabilities, making 8K videography an integral part of the filmmaking landscape.

In addition, we offer interactive 360 photography and 360° for real estate and other industries.

Latest 360° Projects »

An Edge Over Others »

Corporate Meeting: The Immersive Experience »

These cameras with dual cameras and lenses capture a 360-degree view of the environment, allowing the viewer to explore and interact with the video from any angle.

There are many advantages to using 360-degree shots, including increased engagement, interactivity, and realism.

Industrial Unit »

Oriental Carpets Showroom »

A Play Ground »

Sea Front »

A Well Equipped Gym »

A Photography Gallery »

Video Gallery »

Advantages of 8K Insta360 Pro over 5.7K Insta360 X3 360° Video »

  • Higher Resolution: The 8K video of Insta360 Pro offers a significantly higher resolution of 7680x4320 pixels compared to the 5.7K video of Insta360 X3, which has a resolution of 5760x2880 pixels. This results in more detailed and clearer footage with enhanced visual quality.
  • Greater Detail Retention: With 8K resolution, Insta360 Pro captures finer details, making it ideal for situations where preserving intricate details is essential, such as in professional filmmaking, architecture, and product showcase videos.
  • Improved Cropping Flexibility: The higher resolution of 8K allows for more extensive cropping and post-processing options without sacrificing image quality. It gives editors greater flexibility to crop and reframe shots during the post-production process.
  • Enhanced Stabilization: Higher resolution videos have an advantage in post-stabilization processing, providing smoother and more stable footage when using stabilization software or hardware.
  • Enhanced Zooming Capabilities: With 8K resolution, the Insta360 Pro video can withstand greater zooming without significant loss of image quality, providing more creative options for filmmakers and content creators.
  • Professional-Grade Features: Insta360 Pro is designed for professional use and offers advanced features like RAW and ProRes recording, manual exposure controls, and external microphone support, catering to the needs of filmmakers and content creators seeking a higher level of control.
  • Wider Field of View: Insta360 Pro's six-lens setup provides a wider field of view compared to the dual-lens configuration of Insta360 X3, resulting in more comprehensive coverage and a more immersive viewing experience.
  • Seamless Stitching: Insta360 Pro's advanced stitching algorithms create seamless 360-degree videos with minimal stitching artifacts, providing a smoother and more immersive viewing experience compared to the dual-lens stitching of Insta360 X3.
  • Future-Proof Content: As 8K technology becomes more prevalent in the future, content shot with Insta360 Pro at 8K resolution will remain relevant and compatible with higher resolution displays and platforms.
  • Professional Applications: Insta360 Pro's 8K video capability makes it an ideal choice for professional video productions, virtual reality experiences, immersive storytelling, and other applications that demand top-notch visual quality and precision.

While both cameras offer exceptional performance, the 8K video capabilities of Insta360 Pro 2 provide significant advantages for professionals and advanced users seeking the highest level of visual fidelity and creative flexibility in their video productions.

Comparison between Insta360 X3 and Pro 2
Comparison between Insta360 X3 and Insta360 Pro 2

Insta360 Pro 2 videography features
Video Features of Insta360 Pro 2

Creative Shots »

360 degree photo of a building terrace
Residential Building Terrace

Creative 360 shot of a living room
A Living Room in New Prespective

Playground in a society
A Society Playground

Sitaram master udyaan Playground
Sitaram Master Udyaan; Sanpada - Navi Mumbai

Sagar Vihar - Vashi; Navi Mumbai Tiny planet style photograph
Sagar - Vihar; Vashi - Navi Mumbai

An art gallery from creative perspective
An Art Gallery

A well equipped Gym
A gymnasium with equipment

Conclusion »

In the age of 8K videography, the Insta360 Pro reigns supreme, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and captivating audiences like never before. Its 8K resolution, immersive 360-degree experience, and professional-grade features empower filmmakers and content creators to create cinema-quality visuals that leave a lasting impact. With its visionary technology and the promise of an even brighter future, the Insta360 Pro continues to redefine the world of videography, opening doors to a new realm of cinematic brilliance.

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