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Corporate Films & Videos FAQs

15th March; 2024

Frequently Asked Questions on Corporate Film Making »

How much does is it cost to get a corporate film made?

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There are several factors that govern the budgeting of any corporate and industrial video.

Here are four main considerations:

  • Location: At how many locations, will be shoot be required to be done. Depending on the locations, the resources like manpower and equipment are scheduled along with the travel and logistics. Scheduling plays a major role in getting the planning correct in first place.

  • Stock videos & photographs: Will the project require purchasing stock footage and photographs/graphics. This will have to be budgeted accordingly. Some of the popular stock videos and images websites are: Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Pond5, Getty Images, Fotosearch and Videohive. Each of these website sell millions of videos footage clips, photographs, graphics and music along with sound. The cost of purchasing ranges from a few thousands Rupees to several thousand. Most of them offer time based or quantity based subscription.

  • VFX Graphics & Animation: Adding special effects and animation, adds to the overall budget of the corporate video, but the value addition is generally worth the entire exercise. Depending on the requirements, timelines and script made for the corporate film, the director along with the client decides on the usage of VFX and animation elements.

  • Special Equipment: Renting special equipment like drone, jib, rails etc. add to the production cost, along with scheduling and planning for the logistics. Aerial photography and videos definitely add to the overall impact of the video and provides a bird's eye view of the facility captured.

With these factors, the over all project budget and timelines are determined and shared in a proposal with the prospective client.

What is the time involved to get corporate film made?

Time required for a corporate film

The typical time frame for a good corporate film depends on the factors illustrated above.

From conceptualization to final delivery of full HD or 4K corporate Video; the duration is generally 4 to 6 weeks.

The most critical phase of the corporate film is the pre-production phase in which the overall message to be delivered and treatment of the video is decided as per the client's management and marketing strategy.

Once the overall treatment of the video is finalised, the scripting commences followed by screenplay.

The resources to be deployed for the production and post-production are decided at this stage.

As the elements involved in the film increase there is generally the proportionate increment in delivering the final video.

In projects, involving 3D animation and VFX, consideration has to be made towards implementing the same in the final timeline.

Working with multiple teams, requires co-ordination and planning so that in the post production phase of video editing, everything is lined up and ready for final working.

What are the essential elements required to make a good corporate film?

Essential requirements for a corporate film

There are two critical aspects of a corporate film that make it 'good'. First and foremost the script and second and equally critical: direction

The other elements that go into making a great corporate film are:

  • Video editing: An experienced video editor 'knows' not just the usage of video editing software like Adobe Premier CC or Final Cut Pro (FCP) but also have knowledge of adding additional creativity in video transitions, sound effects and video effects.

    Synchronizing the speeches, lip syncing and other equally important aspects of editing add to the flavour of a good corporate AV.

  • Quality of stock footage and photographs: Depending on the budget, high level stock footage and photographs can be purchased, additional to the footage captured for the project.

    The biggest advantage of purchasing stock video clips, is quality and variety of clips that can be purchased without investing considerable amount of resources towards the same.

    For example: a short stock clip of water drop falling in slow motion; can be easily purchased from any of the stock video selling websites; in contrast to actually shooting the video.

    Another good example, is motion graphics; that can be purchased off-the shelf and integrated in the video.

  • Deployment of special equipment: Getting an aerial video shot or photograph definitely adds to the overall impact of the video.

    The vantage point from which; a drone can capture the shoot is unique and very refreshing from viewers point of view.

    Similarly, taking shots from a jib or a dolly rail, adds to the production value and overall 'feel' of the AV.

    These ofcourse, add to the budgeting and scheduling of the film.

  • Voice Over (VO): A good voice over artist can create an impact with voice modulation and truly engage the audience in the story telling.

    Depending on the target audience, male / female voice over is selected; so that the best possible impact is made.

  • Background score: Background score; a.k.a background music plays the role of setting the mood and pace of the video.

    Background score clubbed with sound effects and voice over delivers a complete package of connecting with the audience at emotional level and non-visual communication plays a pivotal role in conveying the corporate message.

    Some of the popular websites to download background score are:

    • Google Play
    • Last.fm
    • MySpace
    • Pandora
    • SoundCloud
    • Spotify
    • Tunein
    • Yahoo! Music

How is corporate film making project executed?

Execution of a corporate film

Corporate film making is approached always in systematic manner.

There are three critical stages, in order to make good corporate video: Pre-Production, Production and Post-production.

At each of the stages; there are lot of preparations undertaken to ensure that the project work flow is smooth and flawless.

Pre-production phase involves initial brain-storming sessions to arrive at the concept note, treatment and budgeting.

Following this; the script and screen play are written along with shoot scheduling and planing of logistics for multi-location shoots.

Once, the planning phase is completed the actual production commences; that includes full HD or 4K video shooting, interviews, shooting b-role shots etc.

On-site backup ensures that the data is secure and there are no 'data' loss cases.

Generally, the client provides a 2TB hard disk in which the entire footage, photographs, audio files, sound files and stock videos/images etc. are dumped and handed over to the client after the project is delivered.

The last phase is the compilation of everything and arranging the entire content in video editing software like Adobe Premier CC or Final Cut Pro (FCP).

The client reviews the editing and generally after couple of iterations; the full HD / 4K video is delivered in MP4 format; which is the most popular video file format.

A shorter version or downsized version for social media marketing (SMM) and WhatsApp are also shared with the client's marketing team.

What is the popular equipment used for corporate film making?

Corporate film making equipment

Depending on the project requirements; the production equipment is deployed/rented.

Popular corporate film making kit consists of; but not limited to:

  • Full frame camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV /6D Mark II
  • Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.8 / Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 Mark III
  • Lights: 4 CFL bulbs with diffusers and modifiers.
  • Audio: Wireless microphone
  • Other Equipment: Tripods / sliders / jib / gimbal etc.

The above list is pertaining to the Canon users; similar kits are used by film makers with popular brands like Sony, Nikon, Olympus etc.

How does a corporate film voice over script look like?

VO script of Corporate video

The typical duration of voice over should not exceed two-thirds the length of video.

That means, if the video length is 10 minutes, the voice over should not exceed 6 minutes 30 seconds.

Here is an example of a specific corporate VO script:

Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Seas and Oceans, life is all about water.

Every drop of water Counts, we owe our life to water.

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Ansons & Anco bring water to life, because water is life and we keep the life-line flowing.

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Our processes are repeatedly tested to ensure that the products we manufacture are uniform and consistent in their performance.

Our highly reliable range of products have varied applications in agriculture and industry, residential buildings and hotels, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, fire fighting and water parks; to name a few.

We manufacture horizontal open well submersible pumps, vertical open well submersible pumps, monobloc pumps, as well as 4 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch Submersible Pumps and motors, self priming pumpsets, and flameproof motors.

Our products are extensively tested to ensure that they are ready to operate under diverse field conditions yet they deliver performance closer to ideal conditions.

Apart from India, our products have successfully delighted customers in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Libya, Syria, Nigeria, Oman, Jordan, Ghana, Kuwait, Yemen, Morocco and many more.

As a mark of adapting to changing needs, we understand that solar power is the future.

Hence, we have designed an unmatched and unique range of solar powered water pumps.

Thank you for watching this video, feel free to contact us and visit our website: www.ansonsancopumps.com

Conclusion »

As corporate film makers in Mumbai with 10+ years of experience and expertise; we have been asked these queries along with host of others by prospective clients and almost everyone else; whom we interact with!

Pashminu Mansukhani