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Our Core Expertise

Searching for corporate film making company in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai?

Look no further!

We are India’s leading corporate filmmaking company with vast and varied experience.

With 100+ corporate films we have travelled to most of the cities in India and have in-house team that delivers world class HD and 4K videos.

As a professional organisation, we follow guidelines in all the projects undertaken. Please review the typical photography and video client contract, for reference purpose.

Here are some examples of corporate films; done in the recent past:

The science and art of film-making goes well beyond the mundane task of video shooting and editing!

We understand the nuances of the filmmaking and deliver corporate films that delights our customers and wow their audience.

We create customised logo animations for our clients, who are looking to create opening 3D logo animations; that really make the entire presentation out standing.

There are some similarities between corporate films, shorts film and features films.

Although the corporate films are strictly non-fiction; we as experienced filmmakers weave story that engages the viewer!

Our Motto: Facts Tell & Stories Sell!

Weaving an engaging story involves understanding several important aspects of the corporate film in general and more importantly the target audience; who will be watching the video.

Here are some of the questions that our scriptwriter puts forward to the company management:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the message to be conveyed via. the corporate film?
  • Do you want to portray a larger than life image to the audience?
  • What are the corporate branding guidelines?
  • How will the company benefit with the new corporate film?
  • What are the resources available for the project? Both in terms of finances and logistics.
  • Who is the lead person responsible of the film project?
  • When do you want the corporate film to be delivered?

Delivery of Corporate Film »

As the reason for making the corporate film is the generate more business and engage the target audience thru online/offline marketing, we deliver the corporate film for following platforms:

  • Youtube version; typically, around 150MB file size
  • WhataApp version; typically, around 50MB file size
  • Exhibition version; typically, around 1.5GB file size

Infographic on Pre-Production Phase »

Infographic of points for pre-production of corporate videos

Professional Sound Recording Studio »

Audio recording studio setup
Mic and recording setup in a studio

Opening Animations »

Long Corporate Film »

Corporate Films »

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