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With 15+ years of expertise and experience in product photography along with industrial photo-shoots and videos, we now offer a range of new services: company brochure designing, product catalogs and jewelry catalog.

Check out some interesting pan-India and international industrial photographs in our recently launched industrial photography look-book.

Creative Industrial Brochures »

Industrial Brochure for pump manufacturer
Two page industrial brochure for a pump manufacturer

A set of three industrial brochures
Creative presentation of pump brochures

A set of four industrial brochures
A set of industrial brochures

4 pages industrial brochure
4 fold industrial brochure

We approach brochure designing with systematic approach.

A typical brochure designing assignment involves:

  • Conceptualisation – We work closely with the client and their marketing team to understand their requirements, brand identity etc. This stage involves debating and sharing of previous works and competitors in the same industry.
  • Target audience – Who will be finally viewing / reading the brochure? In case of industrial brochures it is generally the technically qualified personnel who understand the technical information in form of graphs, performance curves etc. Precise information is vital in these type of brochures. The language used generally technical and involves acronyms pertaining to that specific industry.
  • Data collection – The crucial stage of data collection commences with the company logo, profile, product details etc. In some cases, we discover that the logo needs to be re-created from a low resolution version, so that we have the print quality vector file that is ideally suited for printing. All the text content is expected in text format and high resolution images (photographs and graphics) in JPEG/TIFF/PNG/AI format. In case, the content is not in the required format, we make the necessary changes.
  • Proof reading – Every word counts! We ensure that once the client has given us the text content (generally referred as copy) we take prints of the same and read every single word. Empowered with professional tools like Grammarly; we ensure that the content is well checked and has no mistakes (spelling as well as grammatical).
  • Font selection – Next to the photographs and graphics, fonts place a major role in giving a professional feel to the brochure. Selecting the fonts is based on our experienced designer's insights into the effect of font has not just on the readability, but also on the over impact of the brochure. Generally, the number of fonts used are limited to three; as studies have proved that having a large number of fonts give a rather 'jarring' effect to the reader.
  • Colour Scheme - Along with the fonts, the colours make the difference between an average brochure and a well designed and structured brochure. A specific colour theme is selected for the brochure that blends with the brand identity and overall content of the brochure. Professional tools like Adobe colors that implements colour harmony rule (the color rules ensure a harmonic balance of colors based on the base color). There are six colors themes: analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound and shades.
  • Layout – Layout is the blue print of designing a brochure. At this stage we decide the placement of the content. Each and every page with their elements of text, graphics and photographs are placed and a printout is taken for the final proof reading. Signed approval is taken from the client so that all the content part in verified. Any changes at stage are incorporated in the next crucial stage of designing.
  • Designing – This is the apex of entire exercise! All the steps preceding this step are considered primary; but we an professionals know: nothing counts, everything matters! All the elements come together at this stage and we commence to create the magic. Depending on the industry, timeline and budget allocation, our designers create the magic. Generally, we design the cover page followed by the center fold. The back cover (the last page) is generally the placeholder for the contact information, domestic or international map showing various offices/manufacturing units spread around the globe.
  • Mock printing – Before delivery of the digital file/s, we always undertake the the exercise of printing a complete dummy of the brochure in full colour and get the client's approval for the same.
  • Final delivery – There are two methods in which we deliver: digital along with prints or just digital. In case of digital delivery, we deliver CDR / PDF / TIFF files in a pen drive or share the same via. online sharing platforms Wetransfer.com / Dropbox / Google Drive etc. Printing is done in close association with local off-set and digital print service provider.

Conclusion »

With holistic approach and complete adherence to quality matching our services; it is our continuous endeavor to deliver the best in class.

Pashminu Mansukhani