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Our CEO and Founder; Pashminu Mansukhani is a reputed and experienced international photographer based in Mumbai / Navi Mumbai. The most recent project done was at two sugar factories located in remote regions of Ethiopia.

With an yellow fever vaccination certificate [valid till: 31st January 2023], issued by Government of India, we can undertake photography assignments to all the countries, including nations where the yellow fever vaccination is mandatory.

The entire photo-shoots was done in the span of 8 days; with travel between the sites and the capital city Addis Abba in a pick-up vehicle.

Both the sites were covered extensively during the day-time as well as night time.

As the plants were running 24 x 7, we had the leisure of shooting the complete processes; without any pressure to get the desired results.

Show Reel »

Finchaa Sugar Factory, Ethiopia »

Sugar Factory in Ethiopia
Large sugar making factory in Africa
Inside a Sugar Factory in Ethiopia
Gate of sugar making factory
Sugar Factory at night
Sugar cane crusshing at a sugar factory
Outside Sugar Factory
Loading of a sugar factory

Client: OIA Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Finchaa Sugar Factory, Ethiopia

Some Panoramic Photographs of Finchaa Sugar Factory; Ethiopia »

Night Panorama

Panorama of Sugar factory in Ethiopia

Panorama of sugar factory at Finchaa in Ethiopia

Tendaho Sugar Factory, Ethiopia »

Tendaho Sugar Factory
Ethiopia  Factory
inside Tendaho Sugar Factory in Ethiopia
Aerial view of Tendaho sugar Factory
Heat exchangers in Sugar Factory in Ethiopia
Inside chimney of a sugar Factory
Sugar Factory under contruction in Ethiopia
Sugar Factory under construction

Client: OIA Pvt Ltd.
Location: Tendaho Sugar Factory, Ethiopia

Some Panoramic Photographs of Tendaho Sugar Factory, Ethiopia »

Panorama of sugar factory at Tendaho in Ethiopia

Panorama of sugar factory outisde at Tendaho in Ethiopia

Conclusion »

In addition to international projects, we have done several industrial photography projects pan-India.

We offer high quality images with flexibility to shoot any where in India along with night industrial photography, HDR photographs and panoramic photo-shoots.

The results are worthy of getting displayed in exhibitions as well as brochures and pamphlets.

Along, with industrial photography, we offer industrial HD video shoots with complete package offerings.

Pashminu Mansukhani