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Looking for industrial HD video of your factory/machines? Congratulations! You have come to the right company!

We are India's leading industrial video service providers with 15+ years of experience and expertise.

Elevate your projects with our 6K industrial videography using DJI Inspire 2, surpassing HD and 4K standards to deliver unrivaled detail and meet specific requirements.

We have undertaken and successfully completed several projects all over India and internationally.

As a professional organisation, we follow guidelines in all the projects undertaken. Please review the typical photography and video client contract, for reference purpose.

Explore our FAQs to deepen your understanding of industrial videography and discover how Digital Studio can elevate your industry's narrative.

Elevating our portfolio beyond the bustling streets of Mumbai, we've proudly extended our industrial videography expertise to the thriving Pune region. Our track record boasts a series of successful projects that showcase the heart of Pune's industrial prowess. From capturing precision manufacturing to highlighting the dynamic business landscape, we've woven compelling visual stories that resonate with our clients in Pune. Our commitment to excellence knows no boundaries, and we're excited to continue delivering top-notch industrial photography services throughout this vibrant region.

In addition to the traditional ground-level and aerial video shoots, we offer 360┬░photography and videography with the latest state-of-the-art equipment; Insta 360 X 3 along with high-level photography and video editing.

With a deep passion for filmmaking and capturing the essence of the machinery, processes, infrastructure, workforce and factory; we work religiously to deliver world class results in full HD and 4K resolutions.

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Why we are among the best ?

Why we are the best in the class industrial videography company

A typical industrial/machinery video consists of:

  • Full HD/4K video shoot.
  • Royalty free or custom made background music.
  • Scripting
  • Screenplay
  • Voice Over in English / Hindi or any other regional/international language.
  • Text Supers to give process/machine details.

How we execute industrial & machinery video shoot projects?

We approach every project in a systematic and planned manner.

Discussion with the company management's requirements and the technical points to be highlighted are noted down.

Machinery and industrial videos are delivered in three formats:

  • Full HD/4K version for displaying in trade shows and exhibitions. This is the highest quality; typically ranges from 1GB onwards.
  • Youtube version - Optimised for uploading and sharing on Youtube as well as other social platforms.
  • WhatsApp version - The lightest version; helps the marketing executives of our client's to share during 1-2-1 meetings with prospective clients.

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Pan-India Projects »

Client:Busybees Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Surat; Gujarat

Client: Das Offshore Engg. Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Raigadh; Maharashtra

Client:Air O Water Pvt. Ltd.
Location:Bhiwandi; Maharashtra

First Step: Pre-Production »

We start the project by having a meeting with the management to understand their requirements, number of locations where the shoot is required and plan the shooting schedule.

The video shoot script is prepared and the dates are scheduled as per mutual understanding and availability of manpower, factory readiness.

After receiving the Purchase / Work order along with advance payment, we start preparing for the shoot: getting the manpower, arranging the travel, hire special equipment like drone etc.

Second Step: Production »

On the pre-decided day; we arrive at the site; well before the shoot time; overview the site and prepare the equipment according to the video script.

We use professional grade equipment to shoot all the projects.

For lights, we deploy dual 1,000W tungsten lamps; that lights up the factory shop floor very well and allows us to shoot high-quality videos.

A typical shoot shift is of 8-10 hours; although sometimes we may shoot for longer durations, as time may be a limiting factor.

With regular breaks and joyful attitude; we conclude the shoots and always take on-site double backup in two hard disks.

Third Step: Post Production »

During this phase, we streamline the raw footage, convert the appropriate clips and decide on the background music.

For most of the projects, we use royalty free background score and in some projects, we either purchase the music or get the music done by professional artists.

Once, the selection of the clips is done, we invite the client to our studio or visit their office and do the editing as per their requirements and satisfaction.

Delivery of Industrial Video »

We always deliver full HD (1920 by 1080) videos that are usable on various platforms.

Although, the standard file format is MP4 and sometimes, we also deliver DVDs.

Multiple versions are delivered: highest for the large screen displays at exhibitions and promotions, then Youtube version and finally WhatsApp version.

Industrial production videos are our niche and we deploy a variety of equipment to deliver world-class machine videos.

Our fees are highly competitive; yet we deliver world class results.

Here are some examples of industrial films that we have delivered in the recent past; at various locations in Maharashtra.

Industrial Video Shoots »

Client: Thyrocare Technologies Ltd.
Location: Navi Mumbai; Maharashtra

Client: Ansons & Anco Pumps Ltd.
Location: Tonk; Rajasthan

Client: Carrier AirCon Ltd.
Location: Mumbai; Maharashtra

Client: Winner Screen Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Navi Mumbai; Maharashtra

Client: Swastik Technopack Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Mumbai; Maharashtra

Client: Hitech Moulds Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Vasai; Maharashtra

Client: Titan Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Patalganga; Maharashtra

Client: Winner Screen Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Navi Mumbai; Maharashtra

Client: Titan Crushing Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Patalganaga; Maharashtra

Industrial Training Video »

Client: Investa Pumps Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Valsad; Gujarat

Client: Fluorolined Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Valsad; Gujarat

Industrial Video - Behind The Scene »

Pan India Industrial Videography »

Industrial video with Canon 6D
Factory shoot with Canon 6d and 70-200 lens

Industrial video with Canon EOS 6D and porta Lights
Video shoot weaving machine

Lab testing report video shoot
Wide angle long shot of factory shoot

Behind the scene - video shooting
Industrial video shooting with Canon 6D

Closeup video shooting of machine process
Long shot of machine working

Quality Control video shoot
Factory workers being video captured

Conclusion »

With over several years of varied industry expertise and experience; we offer the best industrial and machinery video services.

Based in Mumbai and having a studio at Navi Mumbai; enables us to travel anywhere in India.

Please check out some of the best manufacturing industry examples that have been shot with professional Canon lenses and edited on Final Cut Pro.

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