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About Jetking Infotrain Ltd. :

Jetking Infotrain Limited was established in 1990 and India's leading Computer Hardware and Networking Training Company, which trains technical and non-technical students. Jetking has over 100 centres spread across India.

With their head office in Mumbai; they are ISO 9001:2008 certified company; headed by brothers Suresh & Nandu Bharwani.

Check out the students testimonials and Jetking IT Courses; which formed the part of 20 videos delivered to Jetking Infotrain Ltd. management.

Jetking Interviews Video Brief:

The interviews were conducted at the Thane Learning Center and their head office at Khar (Mumbai) of Jetking Infortrain Ltd.

The interviews were conducted with a strong emphasis on Jetking branding and brand colours.

The shoot was scripted; so that we had the crisp and appropriate interviews and the best possible b-role shots were captured for creating engaging interviews, that would be viewed by millions of people.

Jetking Faculty Speeches »

Jetking Recruitment Head - Sonal Shah »

Script of Ms. Sonal Shah »

Hi! This is Sonal Shah, I work with Jetking InfoTrain Ltd. as Placement Manager West & South India.

Based on the interaction we have with the recruiters, the first thing they are looking at from the candidates is the attitude towards accepting new challenges, along with that they look at the communication skills and technical knowhow about the IMS profiles.

Jetking is very dynamic in updating and upgrading its course curriculum based on the feedback received from the recruiter.

Employers prefer Jetking candidates just because we provide a combination of personality development along with the technical knowhow and hands on training on the IMS profiles.

Thus, if you are looking for a career in IMS industry; please join Jetking.

Thank you.

Jetking Centre Head - Manish Shah's speech »

Script of Mr. Manish Shah »

Hi, I am Manish Shah, Centre Manager of Jetking Thane Learning Centre.

I feel proud to be associated with Jetking.

Last 26 years, we are into training of computer hardware and networking.

Till date we have placed and completed courses of more than 7 lakh students and they have been placed in different IT companies, professions and different parts of the country.

We have more than 12,000 recruiters; who recruit our students.

Whenever they have a requirement, in networking or computer hardware, first name that occurs in their mind is: Jetking. Why? Simple reason is: we have an unique training methodology, by which not only the student is technically upgraded, but also have soft skills.

Once the student gets enrolled with us, as I informed you, we have an unique platform of teaching to the students, which is called as SmartLab+.

We have experienced that after completing our course, students are technically sound, but somewhere they lack, so in last few years, we added a course called as JetAge+ which helps students to not only improve in their English, but in personality development and corporate etiquette and we make them prepare, once they complete our course, they are obviously technically sound with full soft skills in them.

So the recruiters are very much happy to recruit our students.

Check out some of the recent corporate interviews done for various companies:

Pashminu Mansukhani