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Welcome to the best in class augmented reality service provider in India.

Based in Mumbai; the commercial capital of India; we provide the cutting edge services of AR (Augmented Reality) to various industries.

As a prominent Instagram effects agency headquartered in Mumbai, our dedicated team boasts nearly five years of invaluable experience and expertise.

A paradigm shift has taken place in the manner people interact, move around, think and shop.

We unleash your creativity and captivate the world with stunning augmented reality experiences as an Instagram filter creators.

For all practical reasons, the Corona virus will be an unwelcome resident in this world for a long period.

Online shopping is all rage in current times and with the ease of augmented reality becoming a practical and viable option, we will experience a tectonic shift in the manner people shop and experience virtual shopping.

Gone are the ways of just browsing the shopping portal and adding the items to the e-cart.

Buyers today are looking for the next level of experience to enhance shopping therapy.

Welcome to augmented reality for e-commerce shopping and beyond.

With 10+ years of experience and expertise in corporate films and industrial videos, we have embarked on the exciting journey of augmented reality.

Examples of Web AR »

Custom Made Hexagonal Rug

Hexagonal carpets are a wonderful fit to go with your home decors and also under your coffee table. Click here to visit website.

Round Carpets

Round carpet adds a great finishing touch to your modern living room and your round coffee table. Click here to visit website.

AR Lipstick Changer »

How Augmented Reality Works »

With smart mobiles and tablets becoming part of our daily life, in more than one manner, we provide the tools to experience the desired products in the buyer's home/office.

A buyer from the comfort of their home or working environment can view the product live in their actual surroundings and capture photographs along with shooting a short video!

The technology of AR places realistic 3D objects in the user's environment, using the mobile/tablet camera.

It is very much different from the immersive experience of VR (Virtual Reality); which is generally implemented with a head-mounted device.

Using augmented reality is very simple. There is practically no learning curve and most of the users have a smartphone with a decent megapixel camera.

The 3D objects, that can range from everyday home decor items like a side table lamp to high-end luxury products like oriental carpets and rugs.

Here is an example of a high-end oriental carpet, in augmented reality.

Applications of Augmented Reality (AR) »

The number of applications of AR limited by the imagination.

The most popular genre is furniture, home decor items like lamps, carpets, chairs and tables along with cupboards.

Another promising field is that of entertainment and interactive packaging; which can be explored by the users by just pointing their smartphone towards the product packaging.

We offer a range of services in AR, and each project is customised as per the requirements and creative feel of the product.

Conclusion »

Implementing AR for a range of products is our forte.

The most common items are home furniture and home decor products.

People just love to experience and play around with the 3D objects, by placing them in their living room, bedroom etc.

Feel free to contact us on Call/WhatsApp: 98205 78189 and we will be thrilled to provide our service of augmented reality.

Pashminu Mansukhani