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Camzia was founded by Mr. Bipin Patil & Mr. Neel Patil in 2016; to provide professional services in the fields of photography, image editing wedding album designing.

We create customised logo animations for our clients, who are looking to create opening 3D logo animations; that really make the entire presentation out standing.

Now, the company has expanded it’s services by offering model portfolio photo-shoots, video portfolios and host of other services like product demo etc.

This video showcases the various services and have been instrumental in driving new business.

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Welcome to Camzia!

We are India’s leading photography training and service providers with a well-equipped studio at Mumbai.

Camzia offers a range of services from professional training in the art of photography, image editing and model portfolio photography services.

Centrally located and well connected; our over 600 square feet studio has: lighting systems for model shoots, portfolio, product demonstration videos, corporate interviews and much more.

Our team of skilled photographers, with years of experience and expertise deliver world class portfolios and also impart training for those keep students; interested in learning the fine art of photography.

Check out corporate films FAQ, for an in-depth answers to various queries, that we have encountered in our 10+ years of corporate film making experience.

The photography team is supported by experienced make-up artists, hair stylists and dress designers; who along with image editors create the magic of transforming a model to super model!

Camzia School of Photography; has been spreading the knowledge of photography, short film making and image editing to hundreds of students, for the past few years.

Feel free to explore our website and contact us.

Thank you, for watching this video.

Pashminu Mansukhani