Advantages of Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos - Benefits »

As specialists in making corporate videos for over a decade, we have done delivered 100+ corporate videos, that range in budgets from few lakhs to millions of Rupees.

Our clients range from Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) along with large business houses.

Irrespective of the size and the variations required by the client, we always adhere to our stringent standards and commitment to deliver the very best.

There are several advantages for a company to create their profile video.

Here are some of them illustrated in detail along with images, videos and info-graphics.

Check out corporate films FAQ, for an in-depth answers to various queries, that we have encountered in our 10+ years of corporate film making experience.

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Corporate video as a online marketing tool »

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With the ever increasing popularity of video sharing platforms like Youtube and Vimeo, companies small and big are driving the advantages of these vastly popular platforms to promote themselves.

Youtube being a part of Google; plays a critical role in enhancing online visibility of the company as well allows the marketing and corporate communication departments to create specific channels to upload the video content.

The companies can take advantages offered by YouTube in the following manner:

  • Free video hosting platform.
  • Unlimited number of videos.
  • Global access to audience.
  • Cross platform delivery.
  • High level of security.
  • Flexibility to add back links to their corporate website.
  • Provide ready platform to impart training to their global or domestic employees / clients.
  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine (after Google).

The third most popular video website is (Netflix being the second and YouTube the numero uno).

Hosting videos on Vimeo offers companies following advantages over YouTube:

  • Vimeo offers four options: free, Vimeo plus (USD 7/month), Vimeo Pro (USD 20/month) and Vimeo Business (USD 50/month).
  • The plus and pro versions offers far better controls on the video player, advertisements etc.
  • Video storage ranges from 500MB/week to 5TB for business version.
  • Other features include: Unlimited bandwidth, Advanced privacy, Video review tools, Advanced player customization, Engagement & duration graphs, Team collaboration and Marketing tools.

Once the company profile video is uploaded on YouTube, the following marketing strategies can be used by the companies to leverage the investment done in form of time, efforts and money towards the entire process of getting the video produced by us.

One of the most popular manners to promote a video is Google Adwords. The YouTube channel is linked to Google Adwords account and promotional videos are made to advertise the main video.

YouTube offers following options:

  1. TrueView In-Stream – The advertisement can run before/after or in-between other videos. The viewers can skip only after 5 seconds. The advertiser will get billed only if the viewer watches for 30 seconds or till end of the advertisement video.
  2. TrueView Discovery – The advertisement video appears next to the search results or one YouTube homepage. The advertisers pays only when a user clicks on the advertisement.
  3. Bumper Advertisement – The advertisement runs for exactly 6 seconds and the viewers cannot skip the advertisement! The advertiser pays for every 1000 times the advertisement is viewed.

With all these options, the company's online marketing departments have lots of options to choose from and depending their markets budgets, devise a strategy that best fits their goal.

Infographic on Advantages of Corporate Videos

Social Media Platforms »

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In addition to the video sharing platforms, social media platforms form the crux of online marketing.

The top five most popular social media platforms are: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest; although not necessarily in this order!

Each of these platforms have distinctive advantages.

Enhancing customer relationships »

Enhance customer relations with corporate videos

Company profile videos are an ideal tool to communicate with the customers.

A well made corporate video goes miles in creating a feeling of trust and good will towards building a long term business relationship.

One of the variations of a typical corporate video is to create a set of knowledge based training videos.

The knowledge based training videos are very popular in technical fields and also be used as training videos internally.

With the advent and global reach of internet, videos have become a ideal medium to connect with the global as well as domestic customers.

Customers appreciate the efforts invested in making the profile video and look forward towards generating mutually beneficial business relationship.

A new trend of making corporate video is by having a non-liner presentation.

These type of videos are typically associated with the CEO / Chairman / Managing Director and his/her passion as well as involvement in the evolution of the company.

In such videos, there is little or no sales pitch and the focus is on delivering the message of the key person and his/her life – work balance.

Business video generally have the 'standardized' concept of mission statement, vision, fleeting shots of corporate office / manufacturing facilities, video bytes of the CEO / founders etc.

But, a personalized point of view of the founder or CEO goes in a long way to communicate the essence of the company: The founder's passion and his/her personal commitment that is translated in the company's working ethos and morality of the employees.

The typical length of a business video should not more than 5 minutes; although the sweet spot is about 3 minutes.

The key point to be remembered: quality always scores over quantity.

Building employee moral »

Employees moral boost with corporate video

One of the ideal ways to retain the employees is to connect with them on an emotional level.

A series of personalized videos from the CEO / Chairman / Managing Director that is released in a timely fashion over YouTube or preferably on Intranet; goes miles in building a rapport.

Videos serve as an ideal tool to connect with employees who are posted off-site or across various geographical locations that maybe across the globe or all across the country; separated by thousands of kilometers.

Corporate profile video; if done in a tasteful and creating impact leaves a lasting impression on the employees.

Employees are always the backbone an organisation.

Employees who having been working and serving in the company for over a decade become one of the most loyal followers and excellent word of mouth agents.

Corporate profile video/s can be downsized and distributed among the employees in their department and project WhatsApp groups.

We delivery videos is various formats with options ranging from 4K, full HD for showcasing in exhibition, YouTube and finally WhatsApp version.

With the ever increasing popularity of mobile apps like WhatsApp, companies have seriously started looking at it as an additional marketing platform.

In addition, to the company profile video another set of videos that are very practical and 'useful' to the employee are the training videos / seminar videos / knowledge based videos.

Employee moral can be boosted by hosting get together picnic / vacations, study tours, sponsored trips to overseas locations.

Videos can displayed at these venues in a much more relaxed manner and engage a free discussion between the management and employees.

Presenting in seminars and trade shows »

Presenation on large screen

Corporate promotional videos can also be showcased at seminars, exhibitions and trade shows.

We have create a few videos that have been specifically produced for exhibitions.

Video for Exhibitions:

Some of the points to be kept in mind for making a video for exhibitions are:

  • Royalty free background score (music). Although, the video will be played in the exhibition, that does not give the production house or the company any right to infringe on the copyrights of the audio. YouTube has an excellent audio library from where royalty free can be downloaded.
  • The duration of the video made specifically for exhibitions can be longer than the usual length of 3 minutes. Since the videos will be played to audience who are on the move; different segment of audiences will be watching varied sections of the video.
  • Voice over: Most of the videos that are made for the exhibitions and trade shows do not require to have voice over. This helps in cutting down the costs / efforts and financial commitments towards voice over script.
  • Interviews: Although a vast majority of business videos have bytes of atleast a few seconds of the top management; in the version edited for exhibitions, these are removed, since in exhibitions there are enough ambiance noise to drown the audio speech and secondly most of the audience will not wait to listen to the speech.
  • Testing: We test the final delivery video in MP4 format on smart television set; to ensure there are no glitches faced by the client on-site. The delivery is done on a pen drive along with master DVD for records and archival purpose.
  • Brightness: For the exhibition videos, we increase the brightness levels, as the video will not be showcased in a dark / semi-dark conditions. Having deep technical knowledge is the key towards delivering world class videos for the exhibitions and trade shows.

Communicating with investors, shareholders and stakeholders »

Investor relationship with investors

In addition to the annual report and financial documents that are shared with investors, financial institutes and other stakeholders; company profile video plays a critical role in connecting with them.

A well produced business video should have the following key elements:

  • Crisp graphics and VFX: Having high level graphics made with professional tools like Adobe After Effects going miles in upgrading the presentation. Today, audiences expect world class digital presentations and not just a power point (PPT) presentation.
  • Well written script – the soul of any video is the script that guides the audience along the journey. A strongly written script goes a long way in connecting and engaging with the audience.
  • Direction – Having directed 100+ videos, we have developed an innate skill is directing videos; that engage the audience and thrill the management teams.
  • Financial experts need to be presented the facts and figures in form of 3D charts (graphs) and interesting visual effects (VFX).
  • Keep It Short & Simple (KISS) – Although the audience is knowledgeable about the financial terms etc. it is best to keep the jargon to minimum.

Here are couple of examples of high level graphics used for such videos:

Brand Building Exercise »

Brand building

Branding building is a massive task for all organisations!

Videos are an ideal vehicle to embark on the journey to build brand awareness and recognition.

In additional to the online-promotions on YouTube and social media platforms, we need invest in paid promotions, making the video popular with help of social media influencers and off-line promotions in trade shows.

For a video to be successful as a brand building exercise; some pointers that will help:

  • Create a series of videos. Just a single profile video is not sufficient. Yes, this involves investment in terms of time, efforts and money; but it is worth in long term.
  • First 10 seconds are critical to grab the audience attention. Most people will watch only first few seconds and thence decide on watching / skipping the video.
  • Link the video to your website. This will help the audience to connect with you, increase the website traffic and communicate with the target audience.

Conclusion »

As business video production company based in Mumbai; we have the experience and expertise in creating world class business videos and help the companies to drive the maximum advantages from the video/s.

Our dedicated team of director, video editor and VFX artist along with script writer ensures that we deliver top-notch high ROI videos tailor made for the target audience.

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