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We are India's leading corporate video making company with 10+ years of experience and expertise.

Our clients range from Multi-national companies (MNC) and brands like Tata Motors to Small & Medium Enterprises.

We focus on delivery of high impact video that delights our customers and engages the audience.

Our guiding principle is to create films that follow the thought: Keep It Simple & Short (KISS)!

Our professional approach to corporate videos is systematically scheduled and all attention to all details is given.

We create customised logo animations for our clients, who are looking to create opening 3D logo animations; that really make the entire presentation out standing.

As a professional organisation, we follow guidelines in all the projects undertaken. Please review the typical photography and video client contract, for reference purpose.

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Check out some of the business advantages of a corporate video; that will thrill your clients and increase your brand awareness multiple fold.

Here is the process:

Once the project is confirmed and Purchase Order (PO) issued, our scriptwriter commences with the concept note!

Concept Note of Corporate Video:

The concept note defines the underlying message to be delivered via. the corporate video.

Typical questions that are asked to the top management, marketing team, and CEO/MD:

  • Who is the target audience for this corporate video?
  • Who are your top global / domestic competitors?
  • What is the message that needs to be delivered via. the corporate video?

infographic on points for making a corporate video

After a couple of meetings with the management and reviewing their company profile, the concept the finalised.

The process of corporate video making can be roughly broken into three phases:

Pre-production Phase »

The following activities are typical in this phase:

  • Finalisation of shoot schedule.
  • List of locations and people who will be featuring in the video.
  • Booking of travel dates and fixing the lodging and boarding.
  • Working on the screenplay; so that everyone knows the shoot flow.
  • Voice Over (VO) draft script is prepared.
  • The script of various people; who will be featuring in the video.

Production Phase »

This is the phase when actual audio-video shooting is undertaken as per the screenplay.

We ensure that onsite backup of each day's shoot is taken on two portable hard disk drives (HDD). This ensures that loss of data due to hard disk crash does not take place.

Post-production Phase »

After the shoot; we start with the post-production phase that involves :

Conversion of the raw video footage in video editing software like Final Cut Pro X / Adobe Premiere CC.

Creating the draft version 'line-up'; that is showcased to the client's top management.

The Voice Over (VO) recording in a professional sound recording studio is undertaken. The voice selection is done by the client beforehand in the pre-production phase.

The opening screen typically is the opening logo animation and the closing screen is generally the contact details of the company.

Voice Over Recording Studio »

Audio recording studio setup
Mic and recording setup in a studio

Examples of opening logo animation screens »

Either we use royalty free background score or we purchase music that can be used appropriately for the background score.

In fact, Youtube offers a library of royalty free music with 1000+ tracks to choose from. Check the Youtube Music Library.

Best duration for a corporate video »

Although most of the clients want the longest duration for the corporate video, that is generally not a good idea!

With reducing attention spans of the audience, it is pertinent to create corporate videos that are less than 5 minutes and ideally less than 3 minutes.

Longer duration videos can be used for the staff induction and training purposes.

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