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It’s no secret that fashion photography is a highly competitive business.

But, with the right techniques and equipment, you can make your fashion photography studio stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will explore how to set up a professional fashion photography studio and equip it with all the necessary gear to get amazing results. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro photographer looking to up your game, these tips will help you create an efficient work environment and keep your clients happy. Read on to know more!

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Requirements For Fashion Photography Studio »

To get started in fashion photography, you'll need a few things: a good professional camera, a tripod, a flash, and some basic lighting equipment. You'll also need a place to shoot, which is where a studio comes in.

When you're just starting, you can probably get by renting space in a shared studio. But as your business grows, you'll want to invest in your own studio space.

An Ideal Fashion Photography/Video Studio:

  • Location:

    The first thing to consider is the location of your studio. You'll want to be near the fashion district or in a central place so that clients can come in with the least hassle.

    Also, having a studio at a central location will help you in having minimal time spent in travel to other studios and client meetings.

    But you also don't want to be too close to the hustle and bustle of the city – you'll want your studio to be a calm oasis where your clients can relax and feel comfortable.

  • Size:

    The size of your studio will depend on the type of shoots you plan on doing. If you're only shooting small groups or individuals, you won't need a huge space.

    But if you're planning on doing larger shoots with multiple models, then you'll need a larger studio. Keep this in mind when considering different locations.

    The typical studio size is 20 feet by 30 feet with a ceiling of 14 or 16 feet.

  • Lighting:

    Good lighting is essential for fashion photography, so make sure that wherever you choose to rent or buy has good natural light or access to artificial lighting.

    Natural light can be tricky to work with depending on the time of day and the season, so you may need to invest in some additional lighting equipment.

    In addition to the lights on stands, many studios have overhead lights and ceiling lights for getting the all-important top-lighting shots.

    Some popular studio lights, in the market, are Elinchrom and Godox. Both of these have an entire range of studio equipment from the starter kit to advanced high-speed strobes etc.

  • Backgrounds/backdrops:

    The backgrounds you use for your shoots will depend on the type of look you're trying to achieve. If you plan on shooting against a white backdrop, make sure the walls of your studio are painted white or that you can easily hang a white cloth background. You may also want to consider investing in other coloured backgrounds or paper roll backdrops.

    There are three options:

    • Paper backdrops. Plain colours are popular for corporate shots.
    • Green screen cloth backdrops. These are predominantly used for chroma shoots. The background is edited out in editing software like Adobe PhotoShop.
    • Handmade textured canvas backdrops. These are the most expensive backdrops, with the costings ranging from Rs. 8,000 onwards. Yes, corporate shoots are also done on such 'rich' hand painted backdrops.
  • Props:

    Depending on the type of fashion photography you do, you may want to invest in props like furniture, plants, and other decorative items. This can add an extra layer of creativity to your shoots and make them more interesting for clients.

  • There is a wide range of props available in the market, depending on the shoots required.

    For example, for babies and small children shoots, a lot of soft toys are generally preferred for the shoot along with balloons, ribbons etc.

  • Safety:

    Make sure that wherever you choose for your studio is a safe space for models and crew members. Check with the building management about fire safety measures and any necessary permits or licenses before signing a lease agreement.

    Loose wires on the floor are the biggest danger in any studio, with a high probability of someone tripping over and hurting themselves.

  • Green room:

    A good fashion studio always has a green room, where the models can change and the makeup/hair artist can work their magic on the models!

Pros of a fashion studio »

  • The models and artists get high-quality and professional photographs.
  • The studio has good lighting and equipment that can help you get the best shots.
  • You work with experienced photographers who can guide you and give you tips on how to pose and look your best.
  • The studio is usually very comfortable and relaxed, which helps you feel more confident in front of the camera.
  • You can typically see the results of your shoot right away, which is always a bonus. Yes, we offer high-level post-processing services for models with options for skin re-touching, body sculpting, background removal etc.

Cons of a fashion studio »

  • Depending on the photographer, fees for a fashion photography studio can be expensive, but always worth the final results.
  • If you're not used to being in front of the camera, it can take some time to get comfortable posing and modelling for the shots.
  • You may have to try out a few different studios before finding one that you love and feel comfortable with.

Yes, we offer portfolio shoots at your residence too. That is the most comfortable place for upcoming models and artists.

Conclusion »

Glamour and fashion shoots can be a lot of fun, and they can also be a great way to boost self-confidence. They provide an opportunity for people to express themselves uniquely and creatively, and the results can be stunning.

Overall, a fashion/glamour shoot studio can be a great choice for any professional photographer who wants to take their fashion photography to the next level. 

Pashminu Mansukhani