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One of the most interesting aspects of corporate head shots is to photograph the clients on a textured background / backdrop.

Although, most of our clients prefer to have their top management, CEO, COO, CFO along with their other executives and staff members photographed on a pristine white background; the most alluring photographs can be taken on a textured one.

As a creative photography agency, we offer not just plain white backdrop option along with grey backgrop and green backdrop, but have an exclusive hand painted canvas at our Seawoods; Navi Mumbai studio.

Click here to download corporate head shots look book (PDF).

We offer a range of backdrops, all of them are perfectly suited for business style photo-shoots.

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There are several advantages of taking business photographs (a.k.a corporate head shots) on a textured backdrop.

  • The photographs require little or no editing in post processing.
  • The resulting images are far more engaging as compared to photo-shoots done on white/black background.
  • With a variety of backdrops, our client's get a few options to choose from, unlike just having black or white as backdrop.

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Lady executive on hand painted backdrop
Female executive on hand painted back drop
Couple facing each other
Two executives on hand painted maroon back drop
Two executives on hand painted backdrop
Mock fighting couple

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Smiling young female
Young lady on textured backdrop
Profile - Young lady executive
Young lady in power pose

Managing Director posing on textured backdrop
MD photo-shoot
MD with dark blazer Textured backdrop
Profile photograph of a smiling MD wearing a black blazer
Close up photo of a managing director
MD facing camera on textured grey backdrop
MD with black blazer

Conclusion »

Photo-shoots on a textured background add another dimension to personality of the subject; who typically is from the top management.

We deliver high quality photos that thrill our clients and another projects gets added to our portfolio.

Pashminu Mansukhani