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Looking for a professional female fitness portfolio?

Welcome to the world, the professional fitness model portfolio shoots.

As fitness enthusiast of 30+ years, our CEO, Pashminu Mansukhani who has been spearheading the company for over a decade, we shoot as well as prepare the complete fitness model portfolio.

We have completed several portfolio projects of male fitness and bodybuilders in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

We shoot at various locations like a professional studio or at the gym; where we have the liberty to photograph the fitness models in gymnasium ambience, dumbbells, barbells along with cross-fit equipment.

Check out the list of frequently asked queries on fitness portfolio; that will answer msot of your doubts.

Female Fitness Portfolio »

Like, the portfolio of male fitness/bodybuilder there are no limitations to the number of poses a lady fitness model can do.

Check out a recent male fitness model shoot at Navi Mumbai.

The posing of the female fitness model is done as per their comfort level and the ambience in which the shoot is done.

The preferred attire for the shoot: sports bra, tights, ankle sports socks and sports shoes, accompanied by professional makeup and hairstyling.

For ladies with longer hair, we suggest to tie them in ponytail style or wrapped around a bandana.

Gym equipment is pretty much popular for the shoots along with cross-fit equipment and cardio machines like a stationary cycle, treadmill, rowing machine, stair climber and elliptical.

Depending on the equipment location and open space available for the shoot, the lighting gear along with camera etc. are positioned appropriately.

Fitness Portfolio »

Fitness model portfolio shoot - complete information

Fine Art Style »

Dumbbell curls by female fitness model
Cross fit workout with hammer
Female fitness model working out
Fitness model holding an excersie bar

Outdoor »

Young fitness model on doing Yoga in outdoor
Fitness model posing outdoor on a yoga mat
Lady fitness model in nature
Lady fitness model posing outdoor for a photo-shoot
Outdoor shoot of a fitness model
Glamour style fitness model photo
Outdoor shoot pose of a fitness model
Early morning outdoor shoot for a fitness model

In-Gym »

Young fitness model on doing cardio on treadmill
Female bodybuilder on an elliptical machine
Lef press by female body builder
Best female body builder in Vashi - Navi Mumbai
Best Navi Mumbai female fitness model
Tricep pulldown by popular Navi Mumbai Bodybuilder
Best Navi Mumbai female fitness model
Lady fitness model doing cadio on stationary bike
Cross fit workout
Lady fitness model doing bench press
Kick boxing Cross fit workout
Lat pull-downs by fitness model

Silhouettes »

female fitness model doing barbell lunges
Barbell squats by female model
Kettle bell pull ups by female fitness model
Kettle bell pushups
Barbell shoulder press
Standing Dumbbell curls

Workout »

Barbell shoulder press with dark background
Barbell Squats
Elbow Planking
Floor Stretching
Side Lunges
Stretching Pose on floor
Bosu ball pushups by fitness model
Stretching on a bosu ball
Bosu ball workout by fitness model
Working out on an exercise ball

BTS Video »

BTS Photographs »

Behind The Scene photo with model and team
Behind The scene photograph with model and Dr. Rakhi Maniar
A makeup artist working on the fitness model
Post shoot - Pashminu and Dr. Kalpita Patil

Credits »

Fitness Models: Heena Jadhav & Dr. Kalpita Patil

Location: Sanpada; Navi Mumbai

Support: Dr. Rakhi Maniar, Abhishek Wagh & Vinit Mane

Fitness Shoot Schedule »

The shoot can be scheduled in the following manner:

The model will get ready with appropriate attire along with basic accessories and other gear as required for the shoot.

Post stretching and warmup session, the model can be ready for the shoot.

The shoot typically split into sessions, so that there is adequate time to relax, hydrate and get ready for the next session.

Session 1: White Backdrop

The shoot will be set of silhouette shots, focusing on the poses, props weights and body outline/shape.

Full length and waist-up shots.

Session 2: Grey backdrop

Similar poses, but an emphasis on the facial expressions, along with props etc.

Session 3: Black backdrop

Artists and creative shots with just the body outline highlighted.

Coconut oil will help create and enhance the effect.

Session 4: Gym & Cardio equipment

Using some equipment along with dumbbells, barbells etc.

Cardio: stationary cycle, treadmill and elliptical.

There is a typical tea/coffee break of 10-15 minutes between the second and third session.

Shoot Check List »

  • Cameras: Canon EOS R & Go Pro Hero 7 (For behind the scene videos)
  • Lenses: Canon 24-105 f/4 & Canon 70-200 f/2.8
  • Lights: Digitek 410S x 2
  • Tripods: 2
  • Light Stands: 2
  • Backdrop stand: 1
  • Backdrops: 3 (white, grey and black)
  • Grey Card.
  • Cables: 30 feet x 2
  • Modifiers: 4 feet strip, 2 x 18" beauty dishes & 2 x 24" reflector umbrellas
  • Model Release Form
  • I-Pad
  • Extra camera battery
  • Camera strap

Conclusion »

Yes, we do indoor at gym and health clubs as well as outdoor locations like resorts, beaches and hill stations.

Although the outdoor shoots are a bit more challenging, yet the results are entralling and worth all the additional efforts invested in time, efforts and money.

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Pashminu Mansukhani