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In addition to the most requested corporate head shots on white backdrop, we love to shoot our clients on a professional grade grey back drop.

Some of the most interesting corporate head shots are taken on a plain grey satin back drop at our Seawoods; Navi Mumbai studio or we do the setup at the client's office.

Board of Directors photography plays a pivotal role in showcasing the leadership and professionalism of an organization. These images capture the faces behind the decision-making process, providing a human touch to the corporate entity. Professionally taken board portraits convey a sense of trust, competence, and cohesion, which are crucial elements for stakeholders, investors, and the public.

Click here to download corporate head shots look book (PDF).

There are two primary advantages of making pictures on a grey back drop:

  1. Grey being a neutral colour allows the subject to 'standout'. The viewer's eyes automatically travels to the most bright object in a photograph; which in this case in the subject.
  2. International look and feel to the photographs is achieved. Seven out of ten photographs that you will discover in the annual report photo-shoots as well as LinkedIn photographs are shot on a grey background.

There are three options when we shoot on a grey background: satin cloth, art paper and painted canvas.

We shoot the photographs on grey satin photography backdrop; when we are on-site and on grey art paper at our Seawoods; Navi Mumbai studio.

When we setup the professional studio at the client's site; we strive to achieve the same results; as the photo-shoot at our studio.

One of the most common challenges we face during the on-site photo-shoot is: space.

Most of the client's have a spacious conference room; but there is actually very little open space to setup the backdrop stand, lights etc.

The subject is typically placed 3 feet to 4 feet away from the background; so that there are no shadows falling on the grey background.

For the most alluring photo-shoots; we expect and appreciate a typical 'warm-up' session with the client.

This is an important period, that allows us to interact with the person/s and know them a bit and they in turn get comfortable with our photographer.

A relaxed person in front of camera, always results in better portraits!

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CEO posing for camera
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Semi Casual photograph of CEO
Female executive posing on grey backdrop
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Office executive female wearing checks
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Smiling director with arms folded
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Corporate headshot of lady
Grey background lady headshot
Lady corporate headshot on grey backdrop

Arms Folded male executive
Carpet Of Kashmir - Managing partner
Close up corporate headshot
Kashmir Oriental Enterprises - Rohit Sharma
Camera facing pose of Rohit Sharma
 Rohit Sharma Managing Partner KOCE

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Arms Folded lady executive
Closeup of lady executive
Arms Folded lady executive wearing white jacket
Lady executiveposing for photo shoot
Lady executive wearing yellow top
Lady wearing formal dress for corporate shoot
Black jacket wearing lady executive
Three fourth length corporate photograph
Male exectuive with arms folded
Profile photograph of male executive on grey backdrop
Male exectuive on grey backdrop
Managing Director facing camera for corporate head shot

Arms Folded executive
Executive in business blazer
Posing for the head shot on grey backdrop
Arms Folded lady exectuive on grey backdrop
Lady Executive in business blazer
Young lady executive posing and smiling

Conclusion »

Corporate head shots on a grey backdrop is just one of the few options.

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