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One of the most commonly requested shoots for the corporate world are having photo-shoots on pristine white back drop.

We deploy professional grade lights and camera gear to achieve this.

Board of Directors photography is a specialized field that goes beyond capturing mere images; it encapsulates the essence of leadership and professionalism. These photographs serve as a visual representation of the key decision-makers guiding a company, reflecting their gravitas and commitment

Click here to download corporate head shots look book (PDF).

There are two ways to get a perfect white background: during the photo-shoot and second with editing in any of the image editing software like Aperture (on Mac) or Adobe PhotoShop CC (on Windows) systems.

In addition, to the white backdrop we have options like: textured backdrops and the universally appreciated and much sought after grey background.

Check out other head shots done for various clients at their offices or at our studio.

We strive to deliver high resolution photographs with minimum / no editing.

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Managing director on chair
Lady executive on white background sitting in a chair
Arms crossed pose of a lady executive
Smiling lady executive

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Montage of headshots

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Board of director wearing blue business suit
Managing Director wearing business suit
Executive wearing business suit
Smiling executive

Arms folded pose of vice president
Business portrait on executive chair
Camera facing business portrait
Hand in pocket business portrait
Off camera profile pose
Profile photograph on white background

Couple on executive chair posing for photoshoot
White background with formal couple
Couple facing and smiling at each other
Couple gesturing on studio white background
Couple in candid pose
Two executives in candid photo
Laughing couple pose on white background
Laughing and smiling couple on white background
Lady in front of man in couple photograph
Man in front in couple photograph

Female executive with arms crossed
Corporate HeadShot with white background
Lady executive with dark blazer white backdrop
Office executive smiling wearing a black blazer
Lady Accounts Executive
Lady purchase officer with black blazer
Head shot of managing director
CEO headshot

Client: RMPL Pharma LLP

Location: Marine Lines; Mumbai

Lady in While background Corporate Headshot
Executive in form Corporate Headshot
Office person in Corporate Headshot - White Background
Executive in formal shirt
Corporate Executive in suit and white background
Formal wearing executive on white background
CEO Corporate Headshot
Executive in suit and tie for Corporate Headshot shoot
Office Executive in semi-formal wear
Executive in formal full suit
Lady executive wearing sari
Lady in sari for corporate shoot

Conclusion »

Our business portraits and corporate photography is one of the most sought after services with various clients all across India to whom we have proudly delivered high level professional photographs.

Pashminu Mansukhani