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Client: IG Petrochemicals Ltd. (IGPL)

Location: Taloja MIDC (Maharashtra)

The Synopsis »

About IG Petrochemicals Ltd. »

I G Petrochemicals Ltd. (IGPL) is a leading manufacturer and market leader in Phthalic Anhydride (PAN) in India.

The Taloja (Maharashtra) plant is one of the largest capacity plant at a single location, the Company has the ability to cater to local and international market.

Phthalic Anhydride (PAN) is used in industries such as flexible PVC, plastics, paints, construction, transportation and marine.

IGPL commenced production in the year 1992 with a view to become one of the leading players in the petrochemicals industry.

The Industrial Photo-Shoot »

The management of IGPL required extensive two days photo-shoot at the Taloja plant.

The first day of photography was focused on the new safety installations like valves, ladders and platforms on the various large capacity tanks of diesel, Hydrochloric acid, Caustic, Orthoxylene etc.

We covered all the critical spects of the industrial and technical requirements as per the plant operations manager.

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The second day of the shoot was focused on the important processes, machines, equipment and the overall plant features.

During the shoot, all the PPE (personnel protection equipment) was handed over to our team; for our safety as well as to follow the industrial safety guidelines and norms.

The photography was done wearing the safety shoes, helmet, eye protection goggles and ear plugs.

Day Photographs »

Control Room
IGPL Plant - day view

Filteration plant
Complete IGPL plant

IGPL Warehouse
Wide angle photograph of IGPL plant

Top of IGPL plant
Storage tanks

Night Photographs »

Night photo of Petro Chemical Plant
IGPL Plant - Night Photograph

Top of IGPL - Night Photography
IGPL Taloja plant - Night Photograph

Storage tanks - Night Photo
Twilight photograph of IGPL plant

Panorama »

Panorama of IG Ptrochemicals Taloja plant

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography »

HDR Industrial Photography

The Conclusion »

We delivered high resolution photographs along with web resolution version; so that the marketing team of IGPL can have options for the respective usage.

Variety of photographs enabled the client to select the best angles and get them edited as required.

We deployed a full frame camera (Canon EOS 6D) along with wide angle as well as ultra wide angle lens; that enabled us to capture the vast machinery and produce high quality photographs.

This is the second assignment undertaken by us for IG Petrochemicals Ltd. the previous one was in 2011!

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