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We offer professional industrial aerial video services for all locations in India. Bringing our expertise and experience in industrial video of over 8 years, we have developed a niche segment of aerial factory video shooting.

We are among the few elite aerial drone video services provider based in Mumbai; India, who are focused on shooting industrial video with drones. Factories are ideally suited for aerial video shooting so that the footage can be used in the final corproate film or industrial video.

There is one crucial advantage of aerial video: Unique perspective. No other genre of video will provide you the flexibility and perspective that a video taken from air will offer.

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Applications of Industrial HD Aerial Videos »

  • Manufacturing Units
  • Assembly line
  • Factory overview
  • Outdoor and indoor covereage
  • Bird's eye view of factory and surrounding areas

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Conclusion »

Industrial aerial video are one of the most requested services from our clients; who looking for a new perspective of their manufacturing units.

We shoot aerial videos all over India; that provides our editor to select the best of shots for including in the final video.

In addition to the industrial aerial videos, we specialise in industrial videos, industrial photography and corporate videos.