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A video is a powerful tool for training and onboarding employees in the industrial and manufacturing sector along with the pharmaceutical sector. It can help companies to efficiently and effectively teach new employees the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles.

For the pharmaceutical sector; we delivered an induction video with a Marathi voice-over and for an industrial manufacturer we have a 15 minutes plus induction video.

As an onboarding tool, the management has a ready, attentive and captive audience to showcase the overall working ethics, various departments and good corporate practice. Irrespective of the department, that an employee joins the company he/she should have general knowhow of the other departments and have basic knowledge about the other manufacturing units in other locations.

Multinational companies tend to have varied cultural backgrounds of employees and hence an induction video becomes an ideal tool to educate and illustrate the company ethos to the employees.

Here are some of the benefits of using video for industrial training, induction and onboarding:

  • Increased engagement: Video is a highly engaging medium that can hold the attention of learners more effectively than other forms of training such as text-based materials or lectures. This can help to improve the effectiveness of training and increase the retention of information.
  • Enhanced visual learning: Video allows for the inclusion of visual aids such as graphics, animations, and real-life footage, which can help to enhance understanding and retention of information. This is particularly important in the industrial sector, where visual learning can be especially effective for demonstrating complex processes and equipment.
  • Increased accessibility: Video training can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it convenient and accessible for employees. This is particularly useful for companies with a distributed workforce or employees who are working remotely.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Video training can be accessed at any time and the learner's own pace, making it a flexible and convenient option for training. This allows employees to fit training into their schedules and learn at a pace that works best for them.
  • Improved cost-effectiveness: Video training can be more cost-effective than other forms of training, particularly for companies with large numbers of employees. It can also be more cost-effective to update and maintain video training materials compared to other types of training materials.
  • Breaking the language barrier: One of the biggest advantages of induction videos is that they can have voice-overs in any language. This can be a great learning aid when the target audience is well well-versed in the local language.

Overall, using video for industrial training, induction and onboarding can help companies to efficiently and effectively train employees, improve engagement and retention of information, and reduce training costs.

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