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This page is dedicated for the examples of industrial photographs, taken at various sites across India.

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Here are more details:

  • High Quality images, that can be printed to poster size.
  • Industrial Panoramic photography, as required.
  • Ultra-wide angle photographs.
  • No limit on number of photographs / project.
  • Web ready images
  • High-resolution images on DVD/FTP transfer
  • On-site photography of the workers and other personnel

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Bulk Drugs Plant »

R & D Lab »

Casting Foundry »

Foundry photograph in Valsad
Workers working in a foundry
Molten metal being poured in a foundry
CNC Machine in a factory at Valsad
Die Cast example
Display of investment casts

Chemical Pumps Manufacturing »

Line of pumps at pump manufacturing factory at Valsad
Cut out of an industrial pump
Worker working on a pump making machine
Chemical process pump
Industrial pumps line-up
Exterior of pump manufacturing company at Valsad

CDs, DVDs & Blu Ray Discs Manufacturing »

Outside of a factory in Navi Mumbai
Group Photograph of executives
Inside of a DVD manufacturing company
Inside a factory in Navi Mumbai
DVD burning laser machine
Quality Control of DVD manufacturing company

Steel Rolling & Moulding »

Steel sheet cutting plant at Taloja
steel sheets cutting machine
workers working on a steel sheet rolling company
Over head crane at Taloja factory
Top angle view of a factory
Aerial photograph inside a factory plant

R & D Laboratory »

Technician working in a quality control
Reators in a pharma lab
Reactors inside a factory plant
Technician testing in a quality control
Lab bench with equipment
Rows of chemical bottles in a lab

Petro-Chemical Plant »

Exterior of a Petro Chemical Plant in Taloja MIDC
Wide Angle photograph of a warehouse
Aerial shot of a petro Chemical plant
Close up of a Petro Chemical Plant in Taloja MIDC
Control Panels of a petrol chemical plant
Machines at a petro Chemical plant

Mats Manufacturing »

Outside of a Factory at Aurangabad
Inside a mat manufacturing plant
Mats manufacturing machine
Stacks of Mats in a Factory at Aurangabad
Mats manufacturing plant
Stock Photograph of Mats pile

Pashminu Mansukhani