Glamour Portraits »

The Super Model Look!

Creative glamour photography is our forte! »

We endeavour to ‘create’ photographs rather than just capture them with our pro level camera, lens and accessories.

For most of the new freshers; it is challenging to differentiate between fashion and glamour portfolio.

There are subtle differences between these two important aspects of portfolio.

Every professional portfolio should have a healthy mix of glamour shots as well as fashion-oriented photographs.

As leading glamour photographers in Mumbai; with experience and expertise, we create model portfolios that are alluring to the casting directors as well modelling agencies.

Although, the difference between glamour and fashion photography is subtle; from an advertising agency / casting director point of view they would like to view both.

We deliver with each portfolio:

  • High resolution photographs
  • WhatsApp version PDF
  • Printed album on art / archival paper (optional)

The photographs that are created in privacy of our studio; remain with us for archival, reference and marketing purpose only. We do not sell or hand over the photographs to other agencies / photographs.

Yes, in order to promote our art; we upload a few of photographs for online/off-line marketing after taking written permission from the model.

A typical glamour shoot takes days; in not weeks to plan and execute.

Various aspects are planned, scheduled and then executed in a systematic manner. This ensures that there no least number of last minute surprises and hiccups during the shoot.

Glamour portrait of a lady model
Glamour looking model in portfolio
Smart looking model's glamour portfolio
Profile photograph of a model in a studio
Camera facing glamours photograph
Glamour portrait of a female model
Glamourours looking model in portfolio
Smart looking young glamourous model

Photographer: Pashminu Mansukhani

Model: Ishita Khurana

Makeup: Manoj Shette

Hair Stylist: Jyoti Patil

Image Editor: Nitin Chaurasia

Location: Ghatkopar - Mumbai

Glamour Photo-Shoot Pre-planning »

During this phase, we plan out various important factors that would be going in a shoot:

  • Location
  • Styling
  • Dress
  • Makeup
  • Hair stylising
  • Poses

Basically, during this stage, we conceptualise the entire shoot. What is the out-come expected from this particular shoot? Which dresses and poses the model will be comfortable? What are the list of accessories and props required for the shoot?

Glamour Photo-Shoot Execution »

On the D-Day, once we have all the planning done, we pre-arrange shoot date and time. Typically, we plan for an entire day’s shoot from 10am to 6pm.

With well equipped studio of over 600 square feet, with separate sections for shoot, admin office and green room. Our green room double ups as changing room; for the pre / post shoot activities like make-up, changing, taking breaks etc.

In a single day typically, we aim to complete 5-6 dresses, makeup and hair style changes.

Post Processing of Glamour photographs »

Although, most of the photographs do not require editing; in some cases, it becomes an un-avoidable factor.

No model male / female can have a porcelain look / skin tone and the project requirements maybe such that our photograph editors add their editing magic to the final photographs.