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The Power of Professional Photo Editing Services »

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In today's visual-driven world, compelling images hold the key to captivating audiences and establishing a powerful brand presence. Professional photo editing services have emerged as a game-changer for businesses seeking to leave a lasting impression. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the myriad ways in which photo editing services can transform your business applications.

Along with high-level editing of industrial photographs, real estate, model portfolios, and brochures clicked by our team of pan-India photographers we have successfully delivered 100+ projects for domestic and international clients.

Intro »

Select Before/After Projects »

Corporate »

Post-Production on corporate headshots is essential for creating a polished and authoritative professional image.

Our editing services focus on enhancing facial features, correcting lighting imbalances, and refining the overall composition to ensure each headshot exudes confidence and approachability.

Utilizing advanced retouching techniques, we address imperfections while maintaining a natural look, resulting in headshots that are both flattering and authentic. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that your corporate headshot not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

High level editing of a corporate portrait
Retouching of corporate lady executive
Executive photograph re-touching
Corporate headshots - complete background change
High level with black background of corporate portrait

Models »

Advanced photo editing can significantly enhance a model's portfolio by incorporating various sophisticated techniques. Here are some examples of advanced photo editing techniques that can elevate the quality and impact of a model's portfolio:

  • High-End Retouching: Skin smoothing and texture retention, blemish removal and eye enhancement.
  • Color Grading and Correction: Mood, tone adjustment and consistent color palette.
  • Background Enhancement / Replacement: Background blur and bokeh along with background replacement.
  • Composite Editing: Digital composites and sky replacement.
  • Body Contouring: Body shaping and clothing adjustments.
  • Detail Enhancement: Hair retouching and makeup enhancement.
Re-touching of gym workout
Body sculpting and re-touching
Edited Action photograph of model
Smart looking lady model edited photograph
Skin re-touching

Factories Drone/UAV Photos »

Professional editing of factory drone photographs transforms raw aerial shots into powerful visual assets that showcase the scale and complexity of industrial operations.

The edited photographs can be used to showcase the factory premises at exhibitions and also in brochures and pamphlet designs.

Through meticulous editing, our expert editors enhance structural clarity, correct lighting imbalances, and refine color accuracy, ensuring that every photograph presents a comprehensive and visually appealing view of the factory site.

Additionally, our editing services include advanced techniques like noise reduction and dynamic visual content creation, such as panoramic shots and 360-degree views.

Aerial photograph of a factory re-totouched
Aerial photograph re-touching
Real Estate photo editing

Interiors »

Along with the regular photo-shoots of interiors, we undertake HDR photography and HDR photograph editing for our select clients.

Editing of interior decor photographs is crucial for presenting spaces in their best light, highlighting design details, and creating an inviting atmosphere.

Additionally, our editing services include advanced techniques such as perspective correction and background enhancement to create visually appealing and professional-grade images.

Wooden Floor - High level editing
Interiors - High level editing

Infrastructure »

Editing of Pan-India infrastructure photographs is crucial in capturing the scale, design, and functionality of buildings, bridges, and roadways.

Most of the infrastructure shoots are done with drone so that we get the vantage points from where we can take the most appropriate angles.

In addition to basic enhancements, our editing services include advanced techniques such as HDR imaging and panoramic stitching, which provide a comprehensive view of large-scale projects.

High level editing of a factory exterior
Manufacturing unit - high level editing
Advanced Retouching of a Factory at Hyderabad
Factory Exterior - Bhiwandi retouched completely
Factory Shed photograph retouched digitally
Fortis factory at Pune - Before / After
Advanced Retouching of a Factory at Silvasa
Advanced Retouching of mall in Hyderabad
Advanced Retouching of a Factory at Thane
Digital landscaping
Advanced Retouching of factory

Inside Factories/Warehouses »

One of the most complex editing projects is the editing of factory interiors and warehouses photographs.

With multiple objects and people to be removed from a typical warehouse photograph; the editing process can take anywhere between one to 3 hours by our skilled in-house editors.

In the case of re-touching factory interior shots, there are multiple places where high-level work is done. From removing the grease marks to clearing the floor of undesired objects, we deliver the best class service.

Pharma machine - High level editing
Advanced Retouching of mall in Hyderabad
Warehouse photograph retouched
Warehouse photo-realistic editing
Printing machine retouched to remove marks and smudges
Laboratory filtering machines

Industrial Products »

Editing of industrial product photographs is crucial for presenting the products in their best light, emphasizing their quality and functionality.

We focus on eliminating any imperfections and ensuring the product is represented with a pristine look.

Most of the time industrial products have visual defects and artifacts that need to the removed in the editing; for example, extra paint, missing/adding a bolt, adding a product specification plate, and removing reflections that are created during the shoot.

High level editing of chemical process pump
High level editing of industrial product
Industrial component high quality restoration
High level editing of medical equipment
Industrial machine high level editing and colour correction
Industrial Air filter photography with editing
High level editing of stainless steel counter
Metal racking of a shopping mall
Industrial valves retouching and editing
Stainless steel sink editing
Industrial bag - before / after

Wildlife »

Wing re-creation of a flamingo
Colour correction of a lion photo at Masai Mara
Advanced Colour correction of a lion photo
Colour correction of a vulture photograph
Tiger photograph - colour correction

Old Photographs »

old photograph - retouching

Removal of dust particles

Restoration of old photograph of child

Vintage wedding photo restored

Advanced restoration of photo

Advanced restoration of old picture

Applications »

Conclusion »

Professional photo editing services are a transformative force that propels businesses to stand out in a visually driven world. From product photography to real-estate, the power of professionally edited photos extends far beyond aesthetics. Embrace the potential of photo editing services to elevate your business applications, leaving a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders. With striking visuals that tell your brand's story, you will unlock a world of opportunities and propel your business to new heights of success.

Pashminu Mansukhani