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Our CEO and Founder; Pashminu Mansukhani is a reputed and experienced international photographer based in Mumbai / Navi Mumbai. The most recent project done was at two sugar factories located in remote regions of Ethiopia.

With an yellow fever vaccination certificate [valid till: 31st January 2023], issued by Government of India, we can undertake photography assignments to all the countries, including nations where the yellow fever vaccination is mandatory.

The entire photo-shoots was done in the span of 8 days; with travel between the sites and the capital city Addis Abba in a pick-up vehicle.

Both the sites were covered extensively during the day-time as well as night time.

As the plants were running 24 x 7, we had the leisure of shooting the complete processes; without any pressure to get the desired results.

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Finchaa Sugar Factory, Ethiopia »

Sugar Factory in Ethiopia
Large sugar making factory in Africa
Inside a Sugar Factory in Ethiopia
Gate of sugar making factory
Sugar Factory at night
Sugar cane crusshing at a sugar factory
Outside Sugar Factory
Loading of a sugar factory

Client: OIA Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Finchaa Sugar Factory, Ethiopia

Some Panoramic Photographs of Finchaa Sugar Factory; Ethiopia »

Night Panorama

Panorama of Sugar factory in Ethiopia

Panorama of sugar factory at Finchaa in Ethiopia

Tendaho Sugar Factory, Ethiopia »

Tendaho Sugar Factory
Ethiopia  Factory
inside Tendaho Sugar Factory in Ethiopia
Aerial view of Tendaho sugar Factory
Heat exchangers in Sugar Factory in Ethiopia
Inside chimney of a sugar Factory
Sugar Factory under contruction in Ethiopia
Sugar Factory under construction

Client: OIA Pvt Ltd.
Location: Tendaho Sugar Factory, Ethiopia

Some Panoramic Photographs of Tendaho Sugar Factory, Ethiopia »

Panorama of sugar factory at Tendaho in Ethiopia

Panorama of sugar factory outisde at Tendaho in Ethiopia

Conclusion »

In addition to international projects, we have done several industrial photography projects pan-India.

We offer high quality images with flexibility to shoot any where in India along with night industrial photography, HDR photographs and panoramic photo-shoots.

The results are worthy of getting displayed in exhibitions as well as brochures and pamphlets.

Along, with industrial photography, we offer industrial HD video shoots with complete package offerings.