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Capturing the Magic of Light @ Night

Industrial Night Photography »

As a special service to our clients as well as an extension of industrial photography; industrial night photography is done with pro grade equipment and through knowledge of industrial photography.

To a large extent night photo-shoot of any location depends on availability of a vantage point from which the shoot can be undertaken.

The night shoots are generally done post twilight photo-shoot and towards the end of a full day photo-shoot of the entire plant / factory.

The dark shoot is done either from an elevated platform like a tower / building or from the ground level.

Night photo-shoot requires additional equipment and patience to shoot in the available light conditions.

The factory / industrial unit should ideally be well lit so that the resulting photographs are awesome to look and can be used in printing co-laterals like brochures and posters along with web resolution versions for website and social media marketing.

We have done night photo-shoots at various locations in India as well as at a sugar manufacturing factory in Ethiopia.

Night time photographs are a breed part and showcase the factory / refinery in a different perspective and the resulting photographs look like 'jewels' with pitch dark background.

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