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‘Whatever we believe, we can achieve.’ is a myth not a realty.

Try this right away. Look at a book placed on a table close to you and believe from your heart, mind and soul that you have all the ability to raise the book up in the air. Go ahead try it… there is a fair possibility you were not able to raise the book an inch. This tells us that there things beyond belief that are required to achieve our goals.

In this video we will explore 3 secrets of achievers which help them achieve their goals.

Secret 1: They Perspire

Human beings is a great species who have evolved over a span of time. If you see most of the inventions of human life they are centered around bringing us comfort and convenience. On a lighter note, these inventions are aimed at taking care of our laziness quotient.

By the same principles over years we have used our selective listening to alter a reality into this myth. The myth that ‘Whatever we believe, we can achieve’. The reality is that we are bound by the law of cause and effect. Whether we term it as Karma from religious perspective or Newton’s third law from science perspective, we are bound by actions that lead to result.

The reality is not ‘Whatever we believe, we achieve’, the reality is ‘Whatever we believe and work towards, we achieve’. I repeat: ‘Whatever we believe and work towards, we achieve’. Achievers Perspire. They put in their sweat equity to achieve their goals in partnership with opportunity.

For an 100 meters race at the Olympics which happens once in four year, athletes spend 12 – 14 hours a day working towards the goal of victory. They don’t just believe, they Perspire and put in their best effort towards their goal. For a 20 minutes show performers invest 12-14 hours a day for the whole year.

Ask yourself am I precipitating enough to reach my goal.

Don’t commit to an ambitious goal. Have the courage to commit to ambitious efforts to achieve the ambitious goal.

Secret 2: They Persevere

Life is not a fairy tale. Obviously there are going to be obstacles, there are going to be barriers in achieving your goals.

Breakdowns, unexpected results, failures are a part of the game. In a few seconds a music clip is going to play out. Try focusing on both sound tracks you here.

You will observe that when you are focused on one, you lose track of other. Human beings lack the ability to focus on two things at the same time. When you are focused on the barriers you face you lose sight of the goal and when you are focused on the goal nothing else can take away your attention.

Achievers use this quality to their advantage. Achievers stay focused on their goal and persevere to achieve it. They are not thinking ‘What is the barrier I am experiencing?”, they are working with the question “What can I do to succeed despite this barrier?”

Ask yourself, what am I doing to deal with barriers and stay focused on my goal.

Secret 3: They Prioritize

What we achieve in life is not a result of the opportunities, they are a result of the choices we make when we encounter opportunities.

Choice is a powerful tool. Similar to a jig saw puzzle from the time we wake up to the time we sleep we are involved in continuous process of making choices. When the alarm rings whether you wake up or press the snooze button, Will you watch a movie or focus on the effort of your goals, whether you eat junk or eat healthy are a continuous set of choices you are making.

Achievers prioritise. They chose the actions that leads to their goals above the actions that detract from their goals.

Ask yourself, How am I staying on course when there are conflicting priories to my goals.

For people who want to go beyond this video and build a structured approach to creating and working with your goals, get your hands on the book titled ‘INFIN-EIGHT’ – Eight principles for infinite professional success. If you wish to develop these strategies using a learning program, reach out to us in the links provided below.

Whether you get the book or reach out to us or not, what is critical is that you spend 10 minutes at the end of the day evaluating your success rate with the three secrets of achievers:

  • Did you put in your best towards your goal today. Did you Perspire.
  • Did you ensure you stayed focused on the goal irrespective of barriers. Did you persevere.
  • Did you make the choice to keep your goal as your top most priority in your actions. Did you Prioritise.

May you achieve infinite professional success always.

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