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A sincere thank you to all the readers of the book for an overwhelming response.

Thank you readers. Your positive feedbacks tell me that you did not stop at reading the book, you created the action plans that the book guided you to do and implemented the action plans that are giving you results. The results which are helping you to move towards your infinite professional success. I appreciate you for bringing the magic of INFIN-EIGHT alive in your professional life through your actions.

Parallel to the testimonials and positive feedback, I have also received a lot of queries from readers about the support available to bring these principles alive in their lives. Many of them suggested that it would be great if we had a platform to interact and understand how we can strengthen the implementation of these principles.

So, I am happy to share with you 2 platforms we have created for INFIN-EIGHT learning through interaction.

(1) Author Seminar: This is a platform where I will be personally visiting organizations & institutions to conduct a 90 minutes seminar. During this seminar I will be sharing some critical insights and addressing questions that will help effective implementation of the principles outlined in the book

(2) INFINITE Learning Program: This is a structured learning program we have created based on the book. This practice intensive program enables participants to get access to tools and techniques to bring INFIN-EIGHT principles alive in their professional lives.

If you are a professional working for an organization, you can forward this video and the links below to the business leaders, HR or L & D leaders in your organization who can enable these sessions for you. If you are a leader who believes this could benefit your organization and its people, please reach out to us on the contacts provided below. We intend to make a difference to the youth through education, If you are connected with an educational institution reach out to us know about the young leaders seminar offered specially for youth.

Currently these programs are only available for organizations and educational institutions. Reach out to us at the contact details provided below to schedule these events in your organization.

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Pashminu Mansukhani