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If you opened this video, it means you are one of those people who are continuously searching for ways to make life better. I compliment you for having the focus of making tomorrow better than today for self.

This video focuses on helping you make key decisions which have the ability to increase your pay check and get you greater success.

Imagine you walked into a store and you see 2 machines for sale. These machines have a unique quality of producing precious metals from thin air. The first machine produces 30 silver bars a month and the second produces 30 gold bars a month. Both these machines are affordable and equally price, let’s say at 100 bucks. Which of these machines would you invest in?

I guess you said the second machine which produces 30 gold bars a month.

Apply the same logic to your work. You have multiple strengths in you, which are similar to the machines described earlier. Working with the silver or gold generating machine will need the same amount of energy. The question is - are you investing in and using the gold generating machine. Are you using the best of your strengths to the fullest.

That’s exactly what successful people throughout the world do. They are not using the silver generating machine, they are using their gold generating machine. Think of the successful people you relate to the most – they can be from business world, sports, entertainment, politics, art, etc. There is one thing common in each one of them. They are using the best of their strengths to the fullest. I repeat – they are using the best of their strength to the fullest.

A footballer is not trying to get a bank job because it pays well. A singer is not trying to get an IT job because it’s a rewarding career. They are using the best of their strength to the fullest in their respective fields which get them success.

Best of the strengths:

There might be many silver generating qualities you have, but what is that unique gold generating strengths that you bring to the table. What are the strengths that you carry within you for which you should get a rewarding pay. Write a list of top 3 gold standard strengths you possess – strengths that come naturally to you, strengths that you have honed over years. It can be strengths like – Speaking, Analysing data, process centricity, people focus, planning, cooking, etc.

Now that we have the best of the strengths in place, let’s explore using the best of the strength to the fullest:

If you have identified the gold strengths in you, the next step is to find an environment which is most rewarding for this strength. You have identified the gold generating machine, now you need a buyer who will pay the price for it. There are three primary questions which will help you get a higher pay check for your strengths. All these questions are applicable to you, but their relevance might vary based on whether you are a student, entrepreneur, working professional or a subject matter expert.

So keep the list of strengths handy and explore these questions -

  • Which career option will help me use my strengths to the fullest
  • Which organizations / business opportunity in the career option will value and help me use my strengths to the fullest
  • What can I do to be in the this zone which uses my best strengths to the fullest

If you want to know more about how to identify your strengths to enrich your professional sphere of life, get a copy of the book INFIN-EIGHT. A working guide for achieving infinite professional success in life. Also use the links provided in this video to reach us for learning programs which have a potential to grow your professional success.

Zero is not a powerful number, but when it is placed in the right place it can compound its impact from 0 to 10 to 100 to 1000 to even a billion. To grow your pay check you need to find the right place – the right career, the right organization, the right business, where you can use the best of your strength to the fullest.

The gold generating ability is within you. May you achieve infinite professional success always.

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