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Do you believe that you deserve more than you are getting from life?

If you answer is Yes, then you are amongst the millions of people who believe that they deserve more in life. But not everyone makes the cut.

In my work with more than 140 large corporations from more than 20 nationalities, I have explored this question over years – what brings professional success alive. Not in a fluffy sense that ‘anything is possible and you can do everything’, but in real and practical sense ‘In the space we occupy in the world, what is the definition of ultimate success’. This question took me through my professional journey of roles in sales, management, leadership and consulting. What I discovered were simple yet powerful insights for infinite success. Over years I have shared this insights through my coaching, consulting and training engagements with more than 40,000 professionals across sectors.

Someone ones told me ‘wont it be easy if more people got an access to these simple yet effective principles’. I said ‘That sounds like a great idea?’

So I got to writing. INFIN-EIGHT is a book that covers eight principles for creating infinite professional success in your life. The book is equipped to help you create a solid blueprint for professional success. The book will help you use your inert strengths and work towards a well-grounded professional goal. It enables your competency, people power, execution rigor and emotions to stay in alignment to your professional goal.

The objective of this book is not to share knowledge but to get you to design and implement action plans that help you achieve infinite success in your life. These exercises are best practices for which organizations pay coaches and consultants like us a premium.

I assure you one thing – if you read the book and complete the exercises as they are meant to be, by the end of the book you will experience a transformation towards infinite professional success. It will not bring in a miraculous aura around you or make you a superhero. It will do a honest job of letting you create a well engaged, fulfilling and achievement oriented professional life.

Everyone believes they deserve more. The question is are you one of those who believes that you deserve more or are you one of those who will work towards getting what you deserve. Are you one of those who dreams big or are you one of those who is ready to wake up and work towards achieving your dreams.

The Choice is yours, and the choice you make will make all the difference. One of such choices you can make is to to bring this infinite success alive in your life. Logon to Amazon or Flipkart by clicking the links provided below or walk up to your favourite book store to order your copy of INFIN-EIGHT today.

I invite you to a step by step guide to planning and achieving professional success. I invite you to a conversation with self that the book will take you through in creating a blueprint for your actions that drive results.

I invite you to a life of Infinite professional success.

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Pashminu Mansukhani