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Think of the top 3 things you want in your life. Ask yourself what will having this things do for you.

You will realise that everything we want to achieve outside of us is aimed towards achieving positive feelings inside of us. Let me say that gain – ‘Everything we want to achieve outside of us is aimed at achieving positive feeling inside of us’.

Everything we want to achieve including a house, car, job, assets, etc. is aimed towards bring in positive feelings such as happiness, pride, joy, bliss, peace, etc. inside of us. That’s how critical are our emotions. They exist and they cannot be ignored.

As humans, we are a bundle of both negative and positive emotions. The objective of this video is to enhance your emotional well-being by working on the negative emotions that we carry. To do this we will look at 3 simple principles you can use your everyday life for emotional well-being.

To make the most of this video, I suggest you click pause and make a list of 3-5 negative emotion generating situations that you are experiencing currently. Once you do that you are ready to make the most of this video. Keep the list handy and read on..

Here is the first one: Don’t change the situation, change the interpretation

When you are watching a comedy show, have you seen this that different people react differently to the same scene. Some of them laugh out loud while others might get offended with the same joke. The Joke is the same but the impact it has on different people is different.

In the same way, our emotions are created not because of our situation, but because of our interpretation of the situation. You can change the emotion by changing the interpretation of the situation. Look at the word ‘STRESSED’, when you reverse the word it reads ‘DESSERTS’ (word reverses on the screen)– you thought of an ice cream isn’t it 😊. In the same way all we have to do is to use an opposite approach to change our emotions. From negative to anti-negative.

So here is what you do. Ask an anti-negative question which enables you to think positive and feel positive. For example look at your negative emotion list and ask yourself an anti-negative question - ‘Why is this situation a boon to me?’, ‘What is the lesson this situation is teaching me?’, “What is this the best thing that ever happened to me?’.

When you ask anti-nagative questions, your mind will generate positive responses and positive feelings. Don’t critique and challenge the answer your mind is giving you. Accept it and see your emotions transform.

The second one: Shift your spotlight

Imagine a stage, where under a spotlight, a singer is singing your favorite song. At that moment, there are musicians playing instruments in the background, there are cameramen who are capturing the video of the event, there is this full house audience enjoying the show, but what you see is just this one person in the spotlight.

In the same way emotions are generated by events and situations which are under the spotlight in our mind. Review your list and you will observe that you are living and re-living the one worrisome issue, again and again, throughout the day in your mind. These instances have gained so much importance in our mind that they are in the spotlight of your mind’s eye. The other good things we are experiencing have gone in the darkness where the mind is not able to reach to create positive emotions.

To shift your emotional state, shift the spotlight of your mind’s eye onto things that are positive in your life. If you have negative emotions are being created because of workplace issues shift the spotlight onto aspects like family, health, outings, which are working well in your life. Keeping the focus on the positive side of life will reduce negative emotions and give you energy to deal with challenges in a powerful way.

The third: Bring physical and mental Agility

While negative emotions bring dullness and inactivity, it is critical that you pick up a physical activity like walking, jogging, playing a sport, exercising to counter it. Physical activity releases endorphins in our body which create positive emotions.

Similarly, engage yourself in mental activities like dealing with productive issues at work, Sudoku, Chess, Reading, etc. Watching TV or movie might not help the situation, because it doesnot engage the brain enough to stop brooding at the subconscious level. Basically create a mental challenge that is so big that the brain does not have enough resources left to waste time thinking about the aspects that create negative emotions. Another powerful mental agility activity is meditation. Take professional help to practice this right.

When you encounter a negative emotion generating situation, quickly move your focus from ‘How do I feel?’ to ‘what can I do about it?’. This helps the mind move from emotional side to logical side for action.

To know more about methods to create positive emotional equilibrium read INFIN-EIGHT. A book designed for your professional and emotional wellbeing. Alternatively, you can take the help of our professional experts by contacting us in the details provided below.

In summary, remember the three principles of create emotional wellbeing and reducing stress:

  1. Don’t change the situation, change the interpretation
  2. Shift your spotlight to positive aspects of life
  3. Bring physical and mental agility

One last thing. When you smile more you feel positive already. So start right away - Smile , be happy and achieve infinite success in life.

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Pashminu Mansukhani