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With 10+ years of experience in varied genres of photography and video; we now present one of the finest photography services: food photography.

Creative and lifestyle product photography services are offered at our Mumbai studio and on-site for brochures, marketing media etc.

Food photography, unlike other product photography, is more complex and hence involves planning and time commitment from all the stakeholders.

Food photography along with photography of beverages are typically required by restaurants, online food delivery apps and companies in the food business.

Food is broadly classified into vegetarians and non-vegetarian.

Depending on a client's taste and requirements; we undertake the photography project accordingly.

There are two popular presentation styles: the first one on a pristine white and second (more creative) option of shooting on varied backgrounds.

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Depending on the application of the photographs; either of the two is deployed.

Food photography is rarely done in isolation, it is always thematic and accompanied by props and other items that add 'value' to the photograph.

For example, a photograph of tea will be complete with a few biscuits kept along with the tea a cup and saucer!

As photographers with a passion to deliver the best in class; we approach food photography with the same professionalism and enthusiasm as other photography assignments.

Macro photograph of roasted and salted almonds
Cinnamon on white background
Black tea with toast
Coffee setup with props
Creative food photography with discuits
Two pieces of fig in a plate
Ginger, lemon and honey
Gummi on black background
Masala Dosa - closeup photograph
Olive oil with props
Two pieces of orange on a table
Vegeterain biryani on plate

Applications of food photography »

  • Online catalogs
  • Blogs
  • Mobile apps
  • Websites
  • Restaurant menus
  • Advertisements / commercials
  • Brochures
  • Video presentations

How we do food photography?

The following are the typical steps involved in the shoot:

  • Preparing the list of main food items to be focused on.
  • Discuss and arrive at the theme of photography.
  • Will all the food items be photographed on the same background?
  • Are we looking at photography in the studio or setting up everything in a restaurant/client's location?
  • White background works great for some applications, like mobile apps. Are we going to shoot with white as the main elements?
  • With each of the food items, which props and other supplementary food items need to the procured? The complete list of items is prepared in a tabular manner.
  • This allows everyone to plan everything accordingly.
  • How many variations will be shot for each of the main food items? In some cases, the main food item is changed and the props are re-arranged / placed additionally.

Once the above brainstorming ideas are clarified; we then approach the technical aspect of the shoot.

Technical requirements for food photography »

Although, the list of equipment is long and exhaustive; we deploy the following equipment, to begin with:

  • Full frame camera with a macro lens. We use the latest mirrorless Canon EOS R along with the Canon 100mm f/2.8 lens.
  • Sturdy tripod.
  • Lights and modifiers.
  • Props and supplementary foods.
  • Another popular way to shoot food is by having the natural light coming from a large window. In that case, the setup and other equipment need to be arranged quickly enough; before the sun goes down or changes its angle.

Preparation of food for photography »

In addition to the utensils, that will be featured in the photo-shoot; the food itself needs to be prepared and presented pleasingly.

Additional food colour is generally added to enhance the overall appeal of the dishes.

Extra oil/butter is spread out over the dishes to add an element of gloss and freshness.

Conclusion »

With vast and varied experience, you can trust us with the high level of photography that we deliver to our esteemed clients.

In addition to photography, we also design brochures and catalogs for corporates and manufacturers.

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