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Professional Jewellery shoot

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Welcome! You have come to the right place for all your professional jewellery photography needs.

Our clients include domestic and international jewellery makers, traders, jewellery designers, jewellery consultants, retailers and exporters.

Creative and lifestyle product photography services are offered at our Mumbai studio and on-site for brochures, marketing media etc.

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We are the leading jewellery photographers, in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai metropolitan areas. We can setup our professional, yet portable studio directly at your premises, so that you can be worry-free about the safety of your valuable products as well as get instantaneous satisfaction of quality of the photographs taken of your jewellery items. We are experienced in taking extremely detailed, clear and crisp photographs of all types of jewellery items like bangles, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings made of any type of metal and precious stones, including diamonds.

Along with this style of photography on white backdrop, we offer jewelry photography with models at our studio.

We offer 360 degrees videos of jewellery a very popular choice amongst our customers.

Reference Creative Jewellery Photographs »

Bracelet on blue table top
Gold bracelet on blue tabletop

Bracelet on stone background
Saphire bracelet on stone tabletop

Diamond ring along with flowers in background
Three diamond ring with flowers on coloured background

Creative photograph of diamond ring on pearls
Concept based diamond ring on pearls

Heart shaped pendant on wooden table
Heart shaped plainum pendant on wooden table

Pearl necklace on red rose
Creative photo of peal necklace on red rose

Pearls necklace on wooden box
Pearl necklace on wooden box

Heart shaped diamond pendant with chain stones
Heart shaped diamond pendant with chain positioned on three stones

Ruby pendant on green velvet paper
Tear drop shaped ruby pendant on green velvet paper

Heart shaped pendant with silver chain
Heart shaped pendant with silver chain

Imitation Jewellery »

Artificial Jewellery set
Designer jewellery set
Earring Necklace and maang tikka
Golden necklace
Diamond engagement ring
Jewellery set of necklace, earrings and maang tikka
Jewellery set
Pearls champagne gold diamonds
Red rubbies jewellery
Rubbies jewellery set

Real Diamonds Jewellery »

Solitaire diamond engement ring
Solitaire diamond ring
Multiple diamonds engagement ring
Diamonds Bracelet
Diamond engagement ring
Three diamond ring in 18 carat gold

Silver Dangle & Drop Earrings »

American Diamong Dangling Earring
Dangling Earrings With Blue Zircon stone
Dangle Silver Earrings
Dangling silver earrings with blue stone
Green Zircon Stone Dangle Earrings
Heart shaped pure silver earrings
Pure silver earring studs
Pure silver earring with green stone
Pure silver red zircon earrings
Silver earring with blue zircon stone

Silver Necklaces With Studs »

American diamond necklace set
Pure silver american diamond necklace set
Pure silver necklace and ear studs
Pure silver necklace with studs
Round american diamond necklace
Silver necklace with studs

Silver Bracelets »

Blue eye design silver bracelet
Heart design silver bracelet
Pure silver bracelet with american diamonds
Larger american diamonds on silver bracelet
Silver bracelet with cat design
Large diamonds in silver bracelet
Silver bracelet with large pendant
Round design silver bracelet

Pure Silver Bangles »

Bangle with red rubies
Green peacock pure silver bangle with American diamonds
Heart shaped red ruby in silver bangle
Peacock design silver bangle
Pure silver bangle with design
Pure silver bangle with pearls
99% pure silver bangle with american diamonds
Pure silver bangle with green stones
Red peacock design silver bangle
Pure silver bangle with blue stone
Silver bangle with real pearls
Silver bangle with red rubies

Diamond Jewellery Photo-Shoot »

Diamond Ring set in pure gold
Real diamonds ring set in 24 carat gold
Diamond Ring set in gold and platinum
Real diamonds ring set in gold & platinum
Real diamond ring in dual tone gold and platinum
Dual tone real diamonds ring set gold and platinum
Diamond ring set in rose gold
Rose Gold diamond ring
Diamond ring with emarald
Emarald ring with diamonds
Pearl ring with diamonds
Pearl ring with real diamonds

Real Diamond Jewellery »

Diamond Necklace
Diamond Pendant
Diamond Earring Photograph
Ruby and diamonds Broach
diamonds ring on red background
diamonds ring with ruby
diamonds ring with coloured gem stones

We have several years of expertise, and know how best to present your precious jewellery and handle it with utmost care and professionalism.

The jewellery illustrated on this web page are only a sample of many other jewellery items that have been photographed in the recent past.

Advanced Jewellery Editing »

Not just photography, but advanced editing of jewellery is also our forte!

high level diamonds ring editing for perfect finish
before and after high level editing of diamond ring for perfect final output for catalog
high level photoshop editing for perfect diamond ring image
Expert level photoshop editing of diamond ring

Following are some of the back ground options available for you to choose from »

  • White / Black background. - For e-commerce
  • Simple gradient background
  • Styled on a model
  • A mirrored reflection
  • Textured background
  • Digitally designed background

Jewellery Photography Fees »

We offer a wide range of highly customised services for our esteemed clients. Please feel free to call on 098205 78189 or email on solutionto receive a customized quote tailored to your specific requirements. Each and every inquiry is handled personally and a completely customised package is offered. The fees are always listed out for the photo-shoot as well as the post processing of the images. Your requirements could be for web only or for print, or both. Fees will vary accordingly.

Jewellery photography fees depend on various factors. Every client is unique in their requirements. The most common factors that affect the professional fees are:

  • Type of final results required: Web version or Print version
  • Number of items to be photographed
  • Choice of background
  • Post procesesing level required. i.e. level of customisation

For majority of jewellery photography projects we have delivered, we have noticed most customers prefer a product background to be black, white or textured.

However in some cases, clients do require the photography to be done on models / props. Special arrangements can be made to meet special needs.

Whatever your requirements are, be assured we can fulfill them.

Types of Jewellery Frequently Photographed »

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Armlets
  • Bracelets
  • Bangles
  • Rings

Other Products Photography »

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