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Watches Photography »

The Time Keepers

Watches Photography »

Watch photography requires proper lighting equipment to accomplish photography successfully. Digital Studio specializes in capturing the important details of your watch. We understand your needs.

Creative and lifestyle product photography services are offered at our Mumbai studio and on-site for brochures, marketing media etc.

We have the equipment and expertise to photograph watches, analog watch, chronometer, digital watch, pocket watch, stopwatch, ticker, timepiece, timer, wristwatch on location in your manufacturing facility as well as in showroom settings.

Types Of Watches »

There are five main types of watches based on their display: Analog, Digital, Hybrid, Tactile and Touchscreen

Analog Watches »

This one is the most common type of contemporary display type of watches. This is practically the 'grandfather' of all watches. The standard watches have three hands: hour hand, a minute hand and sometimes the second hand.

Digital Watches »

Digital is the one that uses LED / LCD screen to display the time and other information that may be available in the watch. Sports watches are the typical category of watches, that have digital display. Most of these watches are water proof / water resistant.

Hybrid Watches »

A combination of both analog and digital world, the hybrid watches are pretty trendy and popular among the generation X.

Tactile Watches »

Tactile watches, are those that are built to tell time even without you looking at it! The user has to 'touch' the screen to know the time!

These are made in few numbers and targeted towards the visually impaired people.

Touchscreen Watches »

A new breed, of smart watches have been recently added to this genre. The smart watches connect with the smart mobile hand set and have in-built blue tooth/Wi-Fi for web connectivity.

Reference reading: 27 Types Of Watches To Know About.

Ladies & Gents Watches Photographs »

gents watch with black leather strap
mens watch with brown strap
mens watch with leather strap
stainless steel mens watch
ladies gold watch
ladies jewellery watch with diamonds

Reference Photographs »

chromograph watch
gents watch with leather strap
Men's watch side angle photo
Men's watch on wooden board
Multi dail watch
Rolex on black background
Side Angle watch photograph
Watch on textured background

Other Products Photography »

Pashminu Mansukhani