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Client: Kashmir Oriental Carpet Enterprises

Location: Mumbai; Maharashtra

Synopsis »

Kashmir Oriental Carpet Enterprises is a second generation company specializing in oriental handmade and hand knotted carpets along with high end pure Pashmina shawls.

Creative and lifestyle product photography services are offered at our Mumbai studio and on-site for brochures, marketing media etc.

Check out their website (, where most of the carpets are displayed for ready in stock and custom order facility.

Their showroom at World Trade Centre stocks 2000+ carpets (ranging from the smallest scatter rugs to the large area rugs of 14 feet by 10 feet and even larger) and 500+ shawls.

This photo-shoot was dedicated for the finest pure Pashmina shawls, made from the finest cashmere wool.

The wool comes from variety of goats and depending on various factors like quality of wool, craftsmanship of the artist weaving the shawl, the intricate design of embroidery and size the price of a pure Pashmina shawl can start from $200 onward.

Showreels »

The Photo-Shoot »

The photo-shoot of Pashmina shawls was done at the showroom with professional equipment and camera gear.

Selected range of shawls in both variety of embroidered and plain were selected for creating a portfolio of online and offline promotions.

The selection of model, dresses and background was carefully sorted to match and complement the shawls.

The photo-shoot took about 6 hours on two backgrounds: plain grey for the plain shawls and a intricate design carpet for embroidered ones, along with outdoor shoot.

Both the options of backgrounds resulted in a varied look for the final results.

Along with this photo-shoot, we also under took photography of oriental carpets, so that we can leverage the advantage of having an makeup artist and hair stylist!

Pashmina Photo-Shoot: Behind The Scenes »

Outdoor Shoot of Embroidered Shawls »

Beautiful Embroidered Pashmina shawl
Embroidered shawl on a beautiful model
Embroidered Pashmina shawl shoot
Gorgeous model with embroidered shawl
Outdoor shot of Embroidered Pashmina shawl
Smiling model with Pashmina

In-Studio Shoot of Embroidered Pashmina »

In-Studio shot of Embroidered Pashmina
Glamourous model with Pashmina
Pashmina Namasate pose
Red embroidered Pashmina
Stylish Embroidered Pashmina
Yellow embroidered Pashmina

Embroidered Pashmina »

Embroidered Pashmina shawl
Pure pashmina embroidered shawl on a beautiful model
Embroidered shawl draped around model's neck
Model wearing embroidered pashmina shawl
Embroidered pure pashmina shawl
Embroidered pashmina shawl draped in V shape
Model wearing embroidered pure pashmina shawl
Model wearing pashmina
Full length pashmina shawl
Model wearing pure pashmina embroidered

Plain Shawls »

Across shoulders pure plain pashmina
Single knotted style pashmina
Around neck draped pashmina
Neck knotted style pashmina
Baby pink pashmina
Baby pink pure pashmina shawl
Blue plain pashmina
Double knotted pashmina
Blue plain pashmina
Double knotted pashmina
Blue plain pashmina
Turquoise pashmina

Printed Shawls »

Printed printed pashmina drapped in stylish manner
Printed pashmina on India model
Indian model wearing pashmina
Printed pashmina shawl
Indian model wearing printed pashmina
Scarf style pashmina shawl

Behind The Scene - Photographs »

Makeup artist getting model ready
Stylist getting model ready
Fashion photography of Pashmina shawls
Outdoor shoot with model
Pashmina shawls model getting ready
Photographer and model on set
Eye makeup by makeup artist
Hair styling on model
lipstick by makeup artist
Makeup artist working on model
Model getting ready for the shoot
Model with the stylist
Photographer with model
Team group photo
Shawl wrapping by stylist
Stylist arranging the Pashmina on model

Credits »

Photographer: Pashminu Mansukhani

Models: Shivani Abhang, Sakshi Singh & Arushi Tariyal

Hair & Makeup: Nisha Dhalwale

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Pashminu Mansukhani