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In addition, to ground level industrial photography and night industrial photo-shoots, we also provide aerial photography a.k.a drone shoot of industrial units, factories and manufacturing facilities etc.

In addition to HD and 4K drone shoots, we offer 6k aerial videography with DJI Inspire 2 for projects that require a high level of detail and meet specific requirements.

We offer pan-India drone survey services. Specializing in construction, agriculture, and infrastructure, we offer top-notch, detailed surveys that drive innovation and success.

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Aerial photo-shoots was done with DJI Mavic Air 2; which enabled us to take high resolution photographs in JPEG + CR3 format along with 4K/60 fps videos.

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In addition to the industrial aerial/drone photo-shoot, we conducted aerial video shoot of their entire plant that provided a dynamic bird's eye view of the entire existing plant, under construction area and over all infrastructure.

The raw format allows our editor to edit the photographs with much better control over various factors like white balance, temperature, tint, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks along with control over clarity, vibrancy and saturation levels.

The managements of various companies want us to shoot day time aerial photographs along with high level editing.

The photo-shoot was done over the various plant machinery, towers, refinery and an unique logo formation with the staff members!

We have captured 100+ factory aerial photographs, here are the selected few for the review purpose from various projects.

Latest Project »

Location: Navi Mumbai; Maharashtra

High voltage electricity pylon aerial shot
Electricity Pylon in Navi Mumbai

Drone photograph of high voltage power line
High voltage transmission lines and tower photo by drone

Location: Bikaner; Rajasthan

Drone photo of high voltage transmission tower
Electricity Pylon in Rajasthan

High voltage power line aerial shot
High voltage lines and tower photo by drone

Location: Guwahati; Assam

Aerial photo of high voltage transmission tower
Electricity Pylon in Assam

High voltage power line DJI drone shot
High voltage transmission tower near Guwahati
Transmission tower aerial photo with DJI Mavic 2
Bird eye view of transmission tower at Assam

Pan-India Industrial Aerial Photographs »

Location: Valsad; Gujarat

Drone photograph an industrial unit
Bird's eye view of a factory

Drone photograph of a CNC machine
Machine photograph by drone

Drone photograph solar panels
Inside a warehouse - drone photo

Location: Raigad; Maharashtra

Drone photograph of ship building yard
Aerial photograph with Mavik Air 2
Aerial photograph of barge building yard
Perspective view of a barge on jetty
Loadout of a barge with tug boats
Aerial photograph of barge being launched

Location: Palghar; Maharashtra

ETP aerial shot
Aerial photo with Mavik Air 2
Aerial photo of water tanks

Location: Bhiwandi; Maharashtra

Drone photograph outside factory in day time
Aerial photograph - Manufacturing unit
Inside factory drone picture
Shop floor drone photo

Location: Ludhiana; Punjab

Drone photograph Chemical factory
Aerial photograph with drone of a chemical processing plant

Bird's eye view of a chemical plant - Drone shot
chemical processing plant - drone shoot

Aerial photograph Chemical factory wih Mavic Air 2
Drone photograph of the chemical processing plant

Drone shot - Chemical Plant
Factory drone shoot

Location: Hooghly; West Bengal

Aerial photograph a plant
Drone photograph of the chemical processing plant

Profile shot of the chemical processing plant
Logo formation with People wearing helmets

ETP drone photograph
Factory drone photograph

Location: Raigad; Maharashtra

Aerial photograph of fabrication unit
Drone photograph of workshop
Jetty aerial shot
Top down photo of a barge with large machine

Water front jetty drone shoot
Wide angle drone shot of a cargo ship

A large industrial unit
Oil rig under construction

Top-down view
Drone shot a loaded barge with crane

Wide angle shot of jetty
Bird's eye view of a large machine part

Barge along with tug boats - top view
Sea view of a barge and jetty


Drone shoot with high level editing
Aerial shoot of off-shore projects
Industrial shot of a drone
Shoots with multiple drones Pan India
Aerial shoots with multiple drones

Conclusion »

In conclusion, our pan-India drone industrial photography and aerial videography services offer a unique perspective that goes beyond ground-level industrial photography shoots.

By leveraging advanced drone technology and experienced professionals, we provide unparalleled aerial imagery that showcases the scale, intricacy, and beauty of industrial landscapes across India.

Whether you're in manufacturing, construction, energy, or any other industrial sector, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and elevate your visual storytelling.

Partner with us to capture stunning aerial views that not only highlight your projects but also enhance your brand's reputation and visibility. With a commitment to excellence and safety, we ensure that every shot is meticulously planned and executed to deliver exceptional results.

Elevate your industrial photography to new heights with our pan-India drone services. Contact us today to discuss how we can showcase your projects from a breathtaking perspective.

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