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Music videos are all rage these days, with lot of singers experimenting and aiming for name, fame and glory.

Although music videos fall in the same genres as the music being played in the video!

The popular music genres being: hip-hop, metal, rock, Indie, pop, rap etc.

Another way to categorize a music video is based on the visuals, depending on the how the video has been produces, location, budget etc.

The music genres can be summarized into: Performance Music Videos, Narrative Music Videos, Concept Videos, Lyric Videos and Animated Music Videos.

The most common and the oldest format is performance based music video, where the singer is featured in the video.

In an typical performance based video, the lead singer is featured prominently and either performs live in front of the audience and that is recorded, or in a studio he/she lip syncs the song.

We have the experience and expertise in production of low budget performance based music video.

Example of low cost music video »

Location: In-Studio
Video Editing & Cinematography : Ravi Tuteja
Direction: Pashminu Mansukhani

Infographic on low budget music videos

The Synopsis »

The client had composed the song along with writing the lyrics.

As this was a shoe string budget music video, the costs were kept to the minimum.

How much does it cost to make a cheap music video?

Well, this depends on the budget!

We can shoot a video for as low as Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs ;)

An important consideration deciding the costs factor is who is the target audience, marketing strategy and location.

For the bare minimum, we do the setup in our Ghatkopar studio; where we have the flexibility of time, resources and space.

We have complete professional setup of lights, camera gear and host of lens.

A typical shoot schedule, excluding the set making time, would be about 4 hours for a single song.

Prerequisites for the cheap music video:

  • MP3 / WAV file of the complete song.
  • Reference video links.
  • Music Video Contract.
  • Shoot schedule.
  • Shoot of b-role shots, purchase of stock videos/photographs.

The following were important factors while producing this performance based music video:

  • The reference video shared the client.
  • The setup of decorative lights & decorative items.
  • Placement of shooting lights, camera angles, lens selection etc.

Low budget music video ideas »

Location and travel are the two critical cost factors that need to be considered for a shoe-string music video production.

Scout for local cafe's, friends home as open space / play ground or even a terrace.

Yes, a decent budget would be certainly help to shoot in a good resort / beach or even a hill station.

In order to keep the cost factor (read time factor) to the bare minimum, here is a check list:

  • Organise everything in advance.
  • Schedule the arrival of props well in advance.
  • Arrange for the food / beverages in-studio. Taking out the team for a luncheon can be expensive as time consuming affair.
  • Select a shoot location, that is easy and cheap. Arrange and negotiate with property owner well in advance to the shoot date.
  • If the shoot can be done in-studio, this single factor will cut the production and travel costs by a large factor.

Behind The Scene »

Music video setup
Music video shoot
Cheap Music video team
Singer with mike

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