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Videos That Add Value To Your Exhibition!

We undertake professional full HD video shooting and coverage of exhibitions in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune.

Along with video shooting with professional cameras, equipment and lenses, we provide editing services; so that our clients get ready to use exhibition videos for their online and off-line marketing.

Video editing services are part of the project and include the following:

  • Conversion of raw HD footage
  • Selection of best shots
  • Creating time-lapse clips
  • Editing of footage
  • Selection of royalty free background music
  • Video transitions between clips
  • Selection of opening & closing screens
  • Text Suppers - To describe some important machine/highlight a process
  • Final rendering of video
  • Export for various platforms in MP4 / MOV formats

The final full HD exhibition videos are delivered for:

  • WhatsApp version - The optimum quality for distribution on smart phones.
  • YouTube version - This video is optimised for online marketing.
  • Large screen - For display on projector screens in future exhibitions. Typical size is 1 minute = 1GB!

Recent Exhibitions Videos »

Client: Unique Engineeers Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Mumbai; Maharashtra

Client: Shalimar Group of Companies
Location: Pune; Maharashtra

Client: Craftsman Automation Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Mumbai; Maharashtra

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